Cost to Develop Gojek Clone App in Nigeria

Cost to Develop Gojek Clone App in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing economies. The country now has more investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, evolving technology is making lives easier. Considering this, Nigerian entrepreneurs are actively seeking opportunities to start online businesses like Gojek.

Gojek is Southeast Asia's most popular multi-service app, but it has created a buzz worldwide. Even users are now willing to buy food or groceries online, book rides via phone, buy homes, sell cars, and more.

So, if you are also interested in developing on-demand multi-service apps and wondering how much it would cost, you must read the blog further.

Why Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Want Gojek Clone App?

Entrepreneurs like you in Nigeria are showing a growing interest in launching a Gojek Clone App. Why? There are several reasons for this.

An app like Gojek is an all-in-one solution for users, as it offers multiple services in one app. Here are some core reasons why entrepreneurs are interested in this all-inclusive mobile app:

Allows Them To Offer Multiple Services

The application enables entrepreneurs to offer a wide range of services under one roof. For instance, they can offer taxi ride booking, food delivery, groceries, package delivery, on-demand beauty services, and many more services.

By providing different services, entrepreneurs can easily reach customers and make more money.

Provides Convenient Service Booking

The app makes it easy for customers in Nigeria to find and book the services they want without installing multiple applications.

Furthermore, it’s simple to use, with a user-friendly UI/UX and a smooth process for booking services. Put simply, by using this app, customers can quickly and effortlessly get the services they need on demand.

Positive Marketing Potential

As already mentioned, Nigeria is a booming on-demand service market. And many entrepreneurs have already estimated all the pros and cons of launching the app in their region.

Since market demand and the app’s potential are so high, entrepreneurs in Nigeria are ready to leverage the growing market, build a strong presence, and earn profits.

Easy Customization And Business Expansion

The application is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. Therefore, it is one of the most sought-after choices.

Additionally, it is highly scalable, enabling the owners to expand their online business anywhere in or out of Nigeria.

They can launch the app in other countries because it allows them to integrate multiple languages and currencies.

Also, they can add or remove the on-demand services as needed to meet the market’s changing needs.

Ready-made Solutions Are Available

Entrepreneurs can choose to buy a ready-made solution. This way, they’ll no longer have to create the app from scratch. Also, it saves them a lot of time and money.

Additionally, it will help them concentrate on marketing, operations, and other important business aspects rather than app development.

Cost of Gojek Clone App Development in Nigeria

The cost of building the Gojek Clone App in Nigeria can vary depending on several factors. It includes the app's complexity, features, development team, and several other resources.

However, in general, if you are developing the application from the ground up, you can expect an expense of millions of Nigerian Naira. that too, for a basic multi-service application.

Let's explore the above-stated factors in detail:

The Complexity Of The App

Building a complex, for instance, an app that offers 101+ on-demand services, becomes more costly.

Why? Creating a complex application requires integrating all trendy features and functionalities. Additionally, you will need more time and resources to create the app. In turn, this will increase your costs.

What Features Are Available?

The features of the Gojek Clone app will also affect how much it costs. For example, adding trending features such as multiple credit card management, live tracking, voice instructions, OTP verification, etc. will cost you more money.

Location Of Your App Development Team

The cost of app development also depends on where your team is located. In Nigeria, developing an application costs less as compared to hiring professionals in other countries like the US, Europe, or the UK.

But that's only when you want to build the app from scratch!

However, if you are on a tight budget, you can also consider building the Gojek Clone App using a white-label solution.

A white-label solution is 'ready-made.' Therefore, you can easily customize it as per your branding and business needs.

These clone app solutions are much more affordable than building the entire app from scratch.

Reasons to Invest in Ready-made Gojek Clone Solution

If you're wondering if investing in a ready-made solution is right for you, then here are some reasons to convince you:

Save Time And Money

Purchasing a ready-made Gojek-like application to start an online business in Nigeria can save you time and money.

Since experts have already developed the application, you don't have to do anything except get it white-label. Additionally, if you contact a reputable company, they will offer you the best solution and white-label it.

They'll also customize the application according to your business requirements. In brief, you don't have to spend time and resources designing, developing, and testing an app from scratch.

Quickly Launch The App

Ready-made apps can help you reduce risks related to business setup. When building an application from scratch, there’s always a risk that it won't be successful.

However, when using a ready-made app, you'll already know how it will work, how users will book the service they want, and so on.

Moreover, since experts have already tested the app, you’ll know how it will perform.

Quickly Launch The App

You will be able to develop and launch your app in 1-2 weeks with the help of a ready-made application.

In short, you don't have to wait months to launch the app.

It's A Proven Business Solution

Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria have already tried and tested ready-made apps. As a result, they come with a guarantee of success and user acceptance.

You can benefit from three additional advantages if you purchase Gojek Clone Solution from a reputable white-labeling company.

Multi-platform Solutions

When purchasing the complete package, you’ll get not just the native mobile apps for iOS and Android but also:

●     A Website

●     Admin Panel

●     Dispatch Panel

●     KIOSK apps

●     Other supporting panels

Simply put, you will be able to launch a full-fledged business solution rather than just simple mobile apps.


Approaching a well-established white-label app development company also means you can leverage the option for part payment.

However, not all companies offer entrepreneurs this benefit. Yet, if you come across a reputed company that offers you the facility of part payment, here’s what you must expect:

You can pay for the entire Gojek Clone Script package in parts.

Licensed Source Code

Another benefit of shaking hands with a reputed company is that once they launch your app, they’ll provide you with a lifetime license for the source code.

It means you can use this code to modify your application as needed.

Final Words

In Nigeria, the cost of building a Gojek clone app varies depending on several factors. Well, this includes features you wish to add, the complexity of your app, and other development elements.

Moreover, the development approach you choose also affects the overall cost. As mentioned, building a multi-service app from scratch will cost you more, whereas if you choose a pre-built solution, you can launch your app on a small budget.

If you want to create a Gojek clone app in Nigeria, you should do your research and hire an experienced team of experts.

With the right white-label team and a pocket-friendly budget, you can create a successful Gojek clone app that will help you grow your business.

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