Gojek Like App Solution Serves Your Every Business Requirement

Gojek Like App Solution Serves Your Every Business Requirement

Gojek App came under the spotlight worldwide when Google invested in it in 2018. If Google is investing, there has been to be something. It makes a lot of sense why entrepreneurs are so much interested in developing an app like Gojek.

How Gojek Like App Solutions Became Popular

Today majority of the businesses have gone online.

With the pandemic hitting worldwide it has only pushed the On-Demand industry in an upward direction.  As a result, there are plenty of Gojek Like App Solution making their presence in the market.

There are only one sole reasons behinds its growing popularity – 70+ On-Demand Delivery Services are comprised under a single application.

This means the business owner does not have to develop multiple apps for every niche, everything comes under one app. What’s more, it covers the majority of the On-Demand deliveries and services thus helping you to cater to a vast customer base.

Whether it is calling a taxi, getting groceries, placing a food order, scheduling a car wash, setting up a sanitization appointment, connecting with the babysitters, and more.

Gojek Clone App has set a new milestone with the increased downloads from the App Store and Play Store.

Gojek Clone App – One App For Everything

Gojek Clone App is the one-stop solution for catering to the variety of needs of the customers. It is a single destination offering 70+ different On-Demand Multiple Services that attract a huge customer base.

People do not want to clutter their smartphone installing 10 different apps rather they will prefer having a single application to accomplish their day-to-day chores.

Android app development and iOS app development are two different approaches available for Gojek Clone App so that the users can hassle-free order, shop, schedule, and get deliveries at the doorstep conveniently.

Benefits Of Gojek Like App Solutions For Business Owners

Gojek clone app has helped entrepreneurs all over the world. Starting a successful on-demand business was never so easy before. With our ready-made Gojek clone, you can get a fully-fledged working app within a short period. Even if you are already running an on-demand business, you can use our Gojek clone to build your brand.

Multiple Opportunities

You can launch not just one but 52+ different on-demand businesses with our Gojek clone app.

Ready-Made Solution

Don’t have to waste your time and money. Get our ready-made Gojek clone script and start your business.

Customizable App

Fits all your business needs. Add or remove features that you require to grow your business.

Reach All Your Customers

With your Gojek clone app, customers can access your service from anywhere, anytime.

Integrate Gojek Clone App With Our New Version Features

Taxi Booking Services Include:

  • Restricted passenger limit
  • Face mask verification
  • Ride cancellation
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • OTP verification from the user
  • Graphical status of the booked ride
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Fare calculation two ways

On-Demand Delivery and Other Services Include:

  • Store wise commission
  • Day wise separate time slots
  • Item name searching
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Safety badge for the stores and restaurants
  • Doorstep deliveries
  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers
  • Order cancellation option for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the work
  • Graphical status of the booked order
  • 18+ age confirmation

The above-mentioned features are designed after knowing the pain points of the business owners, customers, and delivery drivers. Thus, it minimizes the issues, allowing Gojek Clone App to serve your every business requirement.

Furthermore, the Gojek Clone is integrated with advanced-level features like Multiple languages/currencies, Live-tracking, Push-notifications, Multiple payment modes, etc.

In Conclusion

Our GoJek Clone App is a complete tech suite, a 100% white-label solution, integrated with the new features.

This multi-service app allows customizing the features, services, brand logo, pricing as per the changing business needs.

Gojek Clone App is a super app that houses a wide range of 70+ On-Demand Multi-services that seamlessly perform the task without any hassles. The app development company makes sure that you take the live demo. Based on that the modifications are made and white-labeling processing starts. The app development team provides you with the complete Gojek Clone App within the deadlines, launching in the Play Store & App Store in a matter of few days.

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