10 Health & Safety Considerations When Traveling With Kids (This Summer 2021)

10 Health & Safety Considerations When Traveling With Kids (This Summer 2021)

Due to the ongoing COVID vaccine rollout, many travel restrictions are being lifted, so it’s no surprise that many families are more than a little excited at the prospect of traveling again.

While there does seem to be light shimmering at the end of the tunnel, it’s still very important that you take precautions, especially when traveling with children. Follow these 10 easy tips to make your next adventure safer for everyone involved.

1. Pack Masks & Hand Sanitizer

You know the drill by now! Wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, and washing/sanitizing your hands regularly all go a long way in reducing the spread of the virus. Of course, when you’re traveling it can be difficult to keep track of all your necessities.

Stash a few masks and little bottles of hand sanitizer in all of your carry-ons and bring some extras in case you lose items in transit. Giving your kids a cute face mask (instead of the clinical style) will make them more likely to hold onto and wear it. Choose a style that makes them smile!

Pro Tip: If your children tend to be hyperactive while traveling, some calming essential oil might help them to relax.

2. Plan Outdoor Activities

As you plan your grand adventure, try to avoid indoor spaces whenever possible, especially those with large crowds. Here are some fun outdoor activities to get you started:

        Go hiking

        Explore a park

        Ride bicycles

        Fly kites

        Pack a picnic

        Go swimming

        Visit a playground

        Go fishing

        Rent a boat

3. Check the Spread Rates

Some parts of the country/world have higher spread rates than others. Naturally, it’s best to avoid locations where COVID is still running rampant. You can use the CDC Covid Data Tracker to get the latest information so you can make an informed decision.

4. Drive a Vehicle if Possible

Skip the planes and trains and opt for automobiles if at all possible. Your goal is to avoid indoor spaces and large crowds, and public transportation tends to include both. If possible, drive your own vehicle or rent one — an RV is a fun option. You might even find that the journey is just as fun as the destination. Road trip!

Pro Tip: Your car can be a portable party! You can park virtually anywhere and enjoy tailgating. Pack a picnic, some cold drinks, and a portable grill, and the options are endless. Just make sure you have trunk lift support in place so you can access your goodies with ease.

5. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat Healthy Foods

While a healthy body can still get the virus, a strong immune system goes a long way in defeating it. Skip the fast food and eat fresh foods whenever possible. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, and nuts are all great choices.

6. Embrace Technology

Modern devices can really make the trip run smoother. From your GPS to your tablet, technology allows you to make smart decisions on the fly. Items like a quality stereo can really elevate the experience, too. For example, music can help you focus on your driving, and you’ll love listening to your favorite tunes while tailgating.

7. Try to Avoid Stores

While it’s impossible to bring everything you’ll inevitably need, try to pack essentials instead of picking them up as you go. When you do stop to do some necessary shopping, make a list before you go. That way you’ll reduce time spent indoors among crowds.

8. Talk to Your Kids

Traveling during a pandemic (even the tail end of one) can be confusing for children. Explain why they need to wear masks, wash their hands, and social distance. It’s much easier to enforce the rules when they know why the rules exist in the first place!

9. Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

If your plans are flexible, choose the path less traveled. The more popular travel destinations are going to be packed with tourists—not an ideal situation. Disney World can wait until next year! Take this opportunity to explore some lesser-known places. You might even find that new family vacation ideas lead to lasting traditions.

10. Get Tested Before and After the Trip

If you’re not vaccinated, you should get tested for the virus 1-3 days before and 3-5 days after your trip. Because children 16 and under can’t get vaccinated yet, they can still spread the virus, even though it doesn’t typically affect them severely. For that reason, you should get your kids tested before and after traveling.

Travel Smart and Have a Blast

Traveling is going to be different in the wake of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole lot of fun. While the precautions may seem daunting on paper, they’re really quite manageable in practice.

Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll find that the good times outweigh the minor setbacks. Spending time together is what makes traveling so rewarding, so savor the smiles and make some new memories! It’s not where you go or what you do— it’s who you go with that really matters.

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