Learn How To Grow Your Pre-Roll Business With 5 Tips

Learn How to Grow Your Pre-Roll Business with 5 Tips

Packaging has become a growing trend in the past few years. One of the booming industries that are taking over the market is pre-roll. People do not wait to grin and roll their content into a package. It is pretty hectic and tedious, and therefore, readymade blunts are the new thing. Businesses have found their perfect opportunity for targeting audiences who desire quick access to cannabis products.


You need to have attractive boxes that entice consumers and encourage them to consider your products. You must research your target audience, such as what colors they prefer or how old their age bracket is, for you to design your pre-rolls with those characteristics in mind for an enhanced appeal.


What is A Pre-Roll?


In the 18th century, marijuana was mixed with tobacco to create a joint. Pre-roll joints are sold by vendors and dispensaries alike. They come ready for consumption as soon as you buy them.


A joint is a versatile recreational smoking product. It can last for up to six months, and it is usually much easier than grinding weed on your own or rolling one with papers. But just like any other pre-made cigarette type thing you buy, it only tastes as good as the paper that holds it together.


Luckily, companies are now making custom joints specifically to fit into their packaging, so customers get an easy way of transporting them without breaking anything in transit.


5 Valuable Tips for Your Pre-Roll Packaging


Let's look at five tips to help you have fruitful success results for your pre-roll business:

  1. Speak About Realness via Custom Boxes

          If you want to quickly and confidently convince your customers that the product they are buying is authentic, customized pre-roll packaging with a professional look will go a long way.

    Once someone goes into a retail store looking for something as simple as rolling papers in packages, it is only natural that their first instinct would be to select from what seems most trustworthy on sight: well-designed products boasting logos of some sort.

    Whether it is young adults or older people, everyone wants to be sure they are getting authentic products, especially when buying items like pre-rolled joints. These are quite easy to imitate if you do not have a good logo on the package.

    With clever design, you can make your customers feel confident in their purchases. Customers will not even bother to pick up the product and look at it before they buy if the packaging does not make them think that this is a good quality pre-roll from an established company.

    Make sure to highlight branding details when designing for authenticity, so buyers know they are getting something worth spending money on.

  2. Make The Most Out of The Social Media

    Social media is a great way to interact and engage with customers. That is why when starting up new businesses, companies need an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so people can easily access them.

    Have you ever thought about the power your social media links have? Your pre-roll boxes can become a powerful marketing tool. Consumers these days are much more aware than they were before and want to know everything there is to know before making any purchase decisions.

    Having a social media link or scannable QR code is one way to get the attention of potential customers. Connecting with them through social media helps answer all their questions, giving answers so that no details remain unknown for long periods of time.

  3. Design Your Pre-Roll Packaging Attractive

    Boxed pre-rolls have exploded in popularity. They are now a vital part of any cannabis dispensary's marketing strategy and an effective way to increase sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty. Customized packaging is the perfect way to really make your business stand out from competitors.

    Some companies have chosen to make their pre-roll boxes a little more fun and creative. Try out unique shapes or styles, such as using sliders, lids for each package, or flip-top packaging that makes it easier for customers to grab them.

    We provide a variety of design templates to help you increase your business. The colors and fonts must be eye-catching, so it grabs people's attention in stores with many other options for them to choose from.

  4. Have User-Friendly Packaging

    User-friendliness is a critical feature for the modern-day entrepreneur that will help you grow your business faster. The design should come with easy usability to provide customers with maximum convenience while ensuring their satisfaction,

    It is essential for your business to not only satisfy customers but also make them want more. It is important that everything is in order and runs smoothly, so customers are satisfied with the product they bought from you.

    The pre-roll package can help get rid of this excess workload by handling all aspects. Pre-roll packages handle every aspect, including packaging, branding, shipping logistics, and more.

    When it comes to packaging design, including pre-rolled joints is a sure-fire way for vendors to increase their customer base. It provides convenience and helps with the business' growth by simplifying the experience and making customers feel more comfortable using them.

  5. Be Versatile 

    There is so much competition in the world today that it has become necessary for brands to create something different and innovative to keep a customer's attention. 

    The modern market is a highly competitive place where it is crucial to have something unique and updated about your brand. Among many other ideas, you can do this by offering cheaper pre-rolled joints for purchase. It costs more than just buying the papers separately but with these affordable packages' customers will unforgettably remember you.

In Summary


Pre-roll packaging is a great way to market your new brand and make it stand out in the crowd. The design process starts by giving you a choice of materials, box size, branding colors that will be printed on the outside for an eye-catching display right away. Impresionville is one of the best packaging companies that provide everything at affordable prices.


For those who do not smoke for recreational purposes, cannabis products provide medicinal relief too. You need a branding that reflects the use and can engagingly communicate this message. It is a great practice to underline important information, such as your brand name, logo, tagline, branding message for maximum impact.

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