How to Get Your Business License in Dubai?


How to Get Your Business License in Dubai

Are you looking at starting a business in Dubai? If so, you aren't alone. 

Entrepreneurs rush to Dubai because of its tax-free environment, great location, and world-class infrastructure. 

From where should you start to get your business running? First, you'll need to apply for a business license. The type of license you'll need will depend on the type of business you want to have and the location you want to set it up in.

Before applying for a business license, it's important to decide what type of business activity you'll be doing so you will know which license you will need. Whichever license you choose, the application process is often quick and easy.

Types of Business License 

There are four types of business licenses in Dubai: commercial, industrial, professional, and tourism

  • Commercial license – This is the easiest license to get in Dubai. General traders, retail businesses, construction companies, and real estate industries will fall under this license.
  • Industrial license – Any company that includes manufacturing, producing, or fabricating will need this license. You will also have to have a physical office to qualify for this license.
  • Professional license – This is for a service-oriented type of business. This would include beauty salons, carpenters, medical professionals, and other types of service businesses.
  • Tourism license – Tour operators and travel agents are just a few of the many businesses that will fall under this license.

Again, to ensure a license is right for you, you need to finalize your business activities and mention this on your application. There are over 2,000 pre-published business activities to choose from, covering everything from food manufacturing to business consulting.

 Trade License Based On Specific Industry

  • Insurance Business

The insurance business organizations can get the right license from the Ministry of economy and commerce. 

  • Medical and Health Business License

Ministry of health issues the medical, health, and pharmacy-related business licenses. 


  • Commercial Business License 

Chamber of commerce and industry issues all the commercial business-related licenses.


  • Manufacturing Business License

Ministry of Finance and Industry issues are all related to the manufacturing business. 


  • Finance Related Business License

The central bank of the UAE can issue all the licenses related to the finance business.

·         Simple Business Setup in Dubai

Before getting your commercial license, you must describe your business or activity. Depending on the license you choose, you may list more than one on your application.

To be sure that you are going in the right direction, it is good to work with business setup consultancy at this stage. These experts know the permitted activities and will be able to offer suggestions that best align with your business.

The next step is to choose a business name. The UAE has a set of strict, but easy rules to follow when it comes to naming your business. Again, an expert business consultant can help you make sure you're aware of the rules and follow them.

With your company name and your chosen activities determined, you can now request your commercial license. You can do this through the Ministry of Economic Development or municipality of the emirate you put in place, or your chosen free zone's managing authority. A business setup consultant can work with you to make sure the correct paperwork is turned into the correct location.

If you are doing this by yourself, follow these simple steps 


  • According to UAE law, a business should get permission from the respective legal entities to acquire a required license to run their business activity.
  • Try to find out whether your business is feasible for running in the particular Dubai region.
  • Find a local sponsor or partner for your business.
  • All businesses in Dubai have a set legal structure and the Dubai Economic Department implies it and, therefore, must be followed by a company.
  • Select and reserve a trading name for your business entity because Dubai has very strict business names.
  • Apply and request the DED department to get the initial approval.
  • Get external approval for your business from bodies like Dubai Municipality, other judicial bodies, and ministries.
  • Finalize a business location.
  • Submit all essential documents to DED to issue your trade license. The document includes - filled application form with signature, original and copy of the company's statutory document, the letter from DED approving your company name, DED approval for the company set up in Dubai, tenancy agreement, shareholder's details, and passport copies.
  • Make all the fee payments and charges, including in license issuing. The fees paid for business license depends on nature, place the size of your business setup in Dubai.
  • After successful payment and submission of documents, you will get your business license after one week. 

While applying for a business license in Dubai is not very complicated, it requires prior knowledge of the process. If you follow all these steps, your application is error-free, and all documents are correctly submitted, you should not face any problem getting an easy license approval and be ready to set up your business in Dubai in no time!

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