7 Ways To Style Open Shelving In Your Kitchen

Kitchen with open shelves

Open shelves in the kitchen are a timeless interior design trend. One that will never go out of style due to the flexibility and convenience offered. In fact, more and more people are deciding to replace their old cabinetry with these all-time classics. Now, if you want to join the crowd, you may wonder how to style open shelving in your kitchen. Luckily, help is coming your way! We know just how difficult it is to choose the right type of shelving, colors, decor, etc. Therefore, we'll give you no less than seven ways to style your open shelves. But before then, let's teach you some history!

The History Surrounding Open Shelving

In the United States, the practice of installing open shelves first emerged in the 1930s. The Great Depression saw a shift in kitchen design toward open shelving rather than closed cabinetry. Back then, functionality was more important than fashion. And having dishes and silverware neatly arranged on shelves made setting the table much more manageable.

Popular Kitchen Shelf Types

Open shelving would be a great way to make your small kitchen feel more spacious and fashionable. For more space, you may install open corner shelves. Furthermore, there could be a few things in your home that you are very pleased with and, thus, excited to display to visitors. An old wine bottle or decanter neatly displayed in a corner nook would be a lovely decorative touch. Larger kitchens, on the other hand, can significantly benefit from modern rustic shelving or industrial chic.

But that's not all there is regarding shelf types. Take time to learn a thing or two about the options that follow. Who knows? You may even find the type that corresponds with your desires. If so, get to work and pack up your kitchen immediately to make way for the newest additions! Lucky for you, it's possible to get it done quickly. If you do proper research, create a checklist, and equip yourself with the right supplies, you can ditch the old cabinetry and install the open shelving of your dreams before you know it!

Wall Shelves

The kitchen may greatly benefit from the addition of wall shelves. Displaying your fine porcelain soup bowls or antique flatware is a breeze with either cantilevered or horizontal stack open shelves. Furthermore, floating or wall-mounted shelves are another viable choice. The best thing about them is that they're both inexpensive and simple to set up. The only downside to wall shelves is that they are dust magnets. So, before adding them to your home, ensure you are ready to collect dust daily.

The open wall shelf above the sink.

Small Shelves

A small shelf allows you to exhibit your creative design skills, as you can easily DIY it. It also teaches you the ins and outs of making bigger shelving, which you might need if you ever want a larger kitchen. Here's a bonus tip: If there is a small window in your kitchen, design a short curtain to complement the small shelf.

Corner Open Shelves

There's hardly an open shelf type more practical than the one in the corner. They save space while providing additional storage space and are the most affordable of all options. Lastly, if you are looking for ways to style open shelving in your kitchen, you'll be happy to know that there's an abundance of ways to make corner shelves work just right!

Corner shelving that can sweep all worries related to the question of ''how to style open shelving in your kitchen'' away.

Modern Shelves

Materials like metal, wood, and glass are all suitable for making modern open shelving. The goal, however, is to achieve a happy medium. They're inexpensive and, like other open-shelf designs, visually appealing. This contemporary take on kitchen shelving can enliven your cooking space while injecting a dose of urban elegance.

Farmhouse Shelves

Because of the rising popularity of the cottage core style in modern American homes, an open-shelving kitchen that evokes a traditional farmhouse is currently trending. This type of shelf is ideal for achieving a ranch or rustic look in a kitchen.

How to Style Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Suppose you have decided on the type of open shelving to spruce up your kitchen. Now, it's time to bring everything to a new level. It's time you learned how to style it!

#1 Be Smart About the Color Palette

Your first thought is always your color scheme when arranging the throw pillows on your sofa, the items on your mantel, or the dishes on your holiday table. Anything you put on them will be visible to everyone, so complementary hues are recommended. It's the same with a kitchen. The details on your shelves, appliances, cupboards, and shelves themselves need to complement one another.

#2 Incorporate Neutrals

An excellent place to begin when designing an open shelving unit for the kitchen is with a neutral color scheme. Of course, neutral dishes and cutting boards may be easily swapped out for a new set for holidays or when you become bored with the same old look.

#3 Add a Touch of Color

While an all-neutral kitchen might seem appealing initially, it can quickly become monotonous. That said, you are encouraged to buy a set or two of colorful bowls to showcase openly. Furthermore, adding a splash of color to your shelves will transform them from cold to inviting in no time.

#4 Show Off Mixed Metals

There will inevitably be a few kitchen tools made of non-matching metals. Think about not storing them away and instead putting them on display. When combined, metals like brass, copper, and stainless steel can produce a gorgeous shimmer.

A kitchen with pans made of mixed metals hanging.

#5 Mix-Match Different Textures

When arranging the books on a shelf or the cushions on a sofa, it's essential to consider both color and texture to give the room a sense of depth. The same holds true for open shelving. The monotony of a ceramic bowl is broken up by adding a woven basket, a marble platter, or a wooden dish.

#6 Bring in the Plants

If you can't decide what to do, put some plants there. Any flat surface should adhere to this basic decorating principle. When it comes to shelving, anything trailing and vine-like is ideal for adding dimension.

#7 Add Light Fixtures

Whether your kitchen is sleek and modern, warm and rustic, cluttered and organized, or sparsely furnished with only one shelf, wall sconces are a beautiful finishing touch. They're perfect for illuminating hard-to-reach areas of your kitchen and drawing attention to your gorgeous open shelves.

Final Words

Open shelves in the kitchen allow for a great deal of creativity in layout. They can be used for storage or as decoration and are relatively inexpensive. What makes them particularly remarkable is that there are countless ways to style open shelving in your kitchen, making literally the sky your limit. While we have presented you with only seven tips on doing so, we encourage you to do additional research to ensure you get exactly what you want from your cooking space. When in doubt, experiment. After all, you can't know if something is right unless you try.

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