10 Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen

No home is complete without a kitchen, and due to its importance, every homeowner wants their kitchen to look appealing irrespective of its size and structure. There was a time when kitchens used to be very small and compact and were only used for cooking. However, that is not the case these days, as a classy kitchen plays a vital role in making a statement about your lifestyle.

As kitchens revolutionized with time, they also got bigger and started serving multiple purposes. One purpose that a kitchen serves these days is a socializing place where family and friends gather to cook, eat and have conversations together.

However, such things add mental pressure on the homeowners; they feel like they need to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen that draws guests' attention. Such is why you need to make the kitchen more vibrant for yourself and your guests; you need to make some changes and revamp the look of your kitchen.

Updating a kitchen is a daunting task mainly because of the effort it requires, and the thought that everything needs to be perfect also makes most of us anxious. Due to such reasons, we bring you ten unique ways you can revamp your kitchen.

1.      Deep Cleaning

Before making significant changes to your kitchen, the first thing that you need to do is to clean everything thoroughly. Deep cleaning the existing items would give your kitchen a fresh look, and there is a possibility of you saving some money. You can save money because you might have considered some things useless and old; however, cleaning them would look new and might make you reconsider your thought of replacing them.

Also, deep cleaning is not like your regular kitchen maintenance, as it would require more time and effort because you would have to wipe down even those parts that you rarely do.

2.     Add Some Lighting

Good lighting instantly makes any space look more elegant and spacious, which is why for a cozy makeover of your kitchen, you can add different types of lights. Adding suspended lights to your kitchen creates a peaceful atmosphere and an essential role in terms of decoration.

You can also add pendant lights which can act as jewelry for your kitchen; another option is to add backlit glass panels. Adding strings of white lighting under your cabinets can illuminate your counters for working.

3.     Add New Hardware

Bringing in new hardware can help give your kitchen a refreshing subtle upgrade; changing hardware is one of the most significant aspects of kitchen remodeling. A vast array of kitchen hardware can be upgraded or replaced, which can be pretty overwhelming. The most prominent kitchen hardware changes you can make include doorknobs, faucets, and chairs if you have a dining area.

Adding bold colors such as black or red to this hardware can help attract attention and add a designer touch to your kitchen. You can also use stainless steel items for a more modern look.

4.     The Cabinet Makeover

Cabinets are the face of the kitchen and the first thing someone notices when they enter your kitchen. You can do two things to your cabinets, you can either replace them if they are damaged, or you can go with kitchen cabinet refacing if your cabinets look old and have a dull color. There is a color for almost every material, so you don't have to worry if your cabinets are timber or laminate; chances are you're going to find the perfect paint products to suit your needs.

Colors such as pale green, light grey, and duck egg blue are great options. However, you can also reface your cabinets by changing the doors and hinges.

5.     Try Open Shelving

A kitchen trend that has been on the rise these days is open shelving; you can either do open shelving by completely removing your cabinets and drawers or just by removing the doors of your cabinets. Open shelving is considered classier because it gives your kitchen a more extensive and more relaxed feel. Utilizing shelves in your kitchen is one of the best ways to show off your best dishes; it is also more convenient as you can grab and put away things more quickly.

6.     Matching Containers

You must have wondered how the kitchens you see in magazines look so neat that they feel unreal. The key is to display only those items that match or are paired well with each other. Since we are talking about open shelves and showing your best cutlery, the ideal way to do that is by getting matching containers and dishes.

The best thing about it is that you don't have to spend extra money; you have to be creative enough to utilize bottles and jars that you use in daily life instead of throwing them away.

7.     Style The Walls     

There are times when you have just painted the kitchen walls, but they still don't feel right; this happens because the paint color is not correct. Paints are affordable, readily available, and you can do them yourself, so it wouldn't hurt to try new stains on your kitchen wall until something sticks. However, to avoid paint jobs all the time, you try color palettes and samples for your kitchen.

You can also style your walls by introducing new hanging items such as clocks and paintings. Colorful and textured plates are also hanged on kitchen walls to give off a classy vibe.

8.    Add Beautiful Backsplash

The backsplash is vital in maintaining the good health of your kitchen; a backsplash helps protect the wall behind the countertop. Spilled and liquids usually run down to the back of the counter, and backsplashes save our walls from those stains and liquid splashes.

To amp up the aesthetic of your kitchen, you can add decent backsplashes; minimal backsplashes look the most elegant and modern. However, you can also with something fun and colorful such as patterned ceramic tiles.

9.     New Island and Countertops

Along with cabinets, countertops also take a lot of room; that's why it is essential to make a statement with some refined and sophisticated countertop materials such as granite or marble. If you want single-colored countertops and islands, you should go for marble as they have the power to revolve around a specific theme; however, if you wish to your counters with a little more color, you might want to look at granite and quartz.

10. Add Style To The Floor

The most effortless way to make your kitchen more welcoming is by introducing a mat or a carpet; you can either go with plain single-colored rugs or bring in colors and textures by adding textured carpets. To give your kitchen a more vintage vibe, you can bring in lush floral rugs.

Some people don't like adding items to the floor and want their bases simple. In such cases, you can install new tiles. However, removing old tiles and installing new ones is a strenuous and expensive job; you can also paint your floor to avoid all that trouble.

Final Note

Making changes to your home should always be fun and exciting, and as you can see, revamping the look of your kitchen does not have to be a tough job; mostly, it requires minor tweaks. You should also make sure that you make changes according to your needs without focusing too much on what others would think of it because you are the one who is going to live these changes.

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