Clever Ways To Create More In-House Storage Space

Clever ways to create more in-house storage space

One big problem in any modern household is the lack of space. Finding a place for every item can become even more challenging if you live in a small home. Additionally, people who are constantly moving can encounter this issue no matter how organized they try to be. That is why we thought of some clever ways to create more in-house storage space.

Start Smart

Before trying to make more space in your home:

  1. Take a good look around. You will probably discover that there are some unnecessary things around the house.
  2. Try to gain some space with a healthy declutter.
  3. Carefully analyze each room and decide what should stay and what should be thrown away. 

The more you go into detail, the more space you will gain. Don’t skip the closets or drawers. Look under the bed and in all the corners. Try to be objective and realize that some of the things are there just to collect dust. Give away clothes that you don’t wear. Throw away broken things like toys or kitchen appliances. You know you will never repair them. 

When you are finished with decluttering, do a quick room cleaning. A clean and tidy home is always going to look bigger.

Storing Your Valuables

If you are in the middle of a decluttering process, don’t forget about your valuables. All breakables require special care. Fragile Christmas ornaments, crystal glasses, or porcelain dishes can easily be misplaced or broken. Get them out of the way and store them in safe places. Make sure that future generations will inherit grandma’s favorite teapot.

Create More In-House Storage Space With Smart Furniture

Buy some smart furniture that will help you gain storage space. A table with drawers in the dining room, an ottoman in your living room, a chest with inside compartments for the bathroom. Choosing double-purposed, minimalistic furniture will help you gain more space in your rooms. Smaller objects with storage slots can replace big pieces of furniture that put a load on the walls. Think smart, and you could hide unaesthetic things in plain sight.

Clever ways to create more in-house storage space

Reinvent Storage Spaces

Did you ever think of a fruit basket being anything else than that? Well, we can tell you that it can be a great place to store magazines or knick-knacks.

      File organizers can become kitchen utensil holders.

      Ladders can turn into bookshelves.

      A wine rack can be used as a towel holder.

      A shoe organizer can store beauty products.

      A mug holder can be a jewelry stand.

Some of the objects that you have around the house can be repurposed. You can do a quick research on DYI projects for restoring or upgrading such items. With a bit of imagination, almost anything can become a source for more storage space.

Create Extra Storage Space Using Shelves

Adding more shelves are one of the clever ways to create more in-house storage space. Go vertical and use your walls to make room. Use corners and other impossible places. Over the bed headboard or the kitchen sink, place them wherever you have accessible and unused areas.

Also, you can try to add more shelves to your closets and cabinets. Transform them into more functional storage spaces.

Clever ways to create more in-house storage space

Use All The Space You Have

If you have space under the stairs, make a cupboard or create a bookshelf. Try to upgrade your kitchen. Use the area between pieces of furniture to make pull-out shelves. You only need 10 to 15 centimeters to make space for a new pantry. 

Place storage boxes on top of the closets or cabinets. Label each box accordingly. That way, you will keep everything organized. But, keep in mind not to store heavy boxes in high places. You might get hurt when trying to retrieve them. Find lower, near-ground spaces to deposit boxes with books or heavy objects. 

Install command hooks. They can be helpful in any room. Use them in the kitchen to hang aprons or utensils. On the door in the children’s room, they can hold a shoe organizer for toys. In the bathroom, you can hang towels and robes. In the closet, you can store ties, belts, or scarves. 

Make use of all the dead spaces. You will be amazed at how much storage space there is in your home.

Organize The Attic And Basement For More Storage Space

To have a better idea of how much space you have, declutter as when you move. After you finish, you can start organizing. Place shelves on the walls and arrange your storage boxes. You can use transparent plastic ones to see what you put inside, or you can label them. 

The attic and basement are good places for storing items used rarely or on special occasions. Holiday decorations are a good example. Also, you can put extra kitchen supplies here, objects used for outside activities, suitcases, and other items for traveling.

Never store food or clothing, however. This will attract mice and moths, and they will destroy your possessions. Valuable items like paintings or important documents should find their way into other storage places. Basements, for example, are humid places that can flood, so it's easy to understand why they are not appropriate for the things you cannot afford to lose.

Clever ways to create more in-house storage space

Storing Your Items In Special Places

If you need a safe place to store essential items, think about renting a storage unit. If you are planning a relocation, hiring professional help is even more critical. Luckily, there are moving companies that can offer you both. For example, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving can help you move locally or long-distance, or they can provide you with storage space for your valuables. Get help packing and unpacking, transporting, and storing so that you can have time to think of more clever ways to create more in-house storage space.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, storage space is a common problem. When having a growing family or moving constantly, some extra space is always welcome. Creating it out of nothing might have seemed impossible until now. Yet, we found those clever ways to create more in-house storage space. Think about our suggestions and see what you can apply in your home.

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