Luxurious And Trending: Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Styles in 2022

Luxurious And Trending: Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Styles in 2022

Colors play a significant role in making a space lively. While style can enhance a space by making it suitable to meet its function, colors can create or impact a wide range of emotions depending on whether we like or dislike the color. The color palette can make a place look drab or perk it up! Also, colors are associated with a range of feelings and thoughts. It is a highly effective communication tool that evokes a reaction, influences mood, and elicits physiological responses. 

It is well-known that specific colors result in higher blood pressure, metabolism, and eyestrain. Designers have long believed that color has a powerful impact on our emotions, feelings, and decisions. So, imagine how often we do something during the day because of the colors influencing us. 

Aren't these enough for us to choose the right color for where we begin and end our day- the kitchen?? We are known experts in interior design in San Diego and have an exhaustive understanding of the latest trends in designing kitchen cabinets and choosing the right color story for your kitchen.  

This blog will discuss luxurious kitchen styles and color trends. First and foremost, let us discuss the kitchen color trends you should consider for the cabinets, and then we will get into the details of cabinet styles. 

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors in 2022

Let us see the most luxurious kitchen color trends. 

  1. Green 

Green is the color of choice for kitchen cabinetry in 2022. This color is popping everywhere, from dark hunter-greens to wealthy sages and light minty shades! Green is the path to let it go if you want to bring some life to your kitchen cabinets while also making a statement.

  1. Yellow

Yellows are another popular trend for kitchen cabinet colors in 2022. This cheerful color is ideal for energizing kitchens and making them more lively. You can opt for soft, buttery yellows or bright lemon yellows. If the walls are white, you can use yellow for cabinets as that will give a classic look, and the look will never go out of style.

3. Navy Blue

Another trending kitchen cabinet color is navy blue. It's a striking color that can create a comfortable and affectionate space. Navy blue cabinets look sophisticated and timeless when paired with beige or white walls. Also, antique gold walls look perfect with navy blue. 

4. Gray

Gray is a charming color for kitchen cabinets. The best thing about the light gray color is that it makes the small kitchen look spacious and airy. Gray cabinets are an excellent option for any kitchen when paired with beautiful quartz countertops and white walls.

5. Classic White

Classic white cabinets are always a safe bet and will always be in vogue, no matter what. They're ideal for any kitchen and go with almost any color scheme. However, a significant disadvantage is that they yellow faster, and the specks of dirt, oil, and stains stand out. However, if you want white cabinets, you may want to go with white uppers and a darker color on the lowers.

6. Black Cabinets


While they are currently fashionable, they are also timeless classics that can elevate the look of your kitchen. Black cabinets can make a stunning statement in any home, whether traditional, farmhouse, or modern. They are also versatile because you can pair them with a wide range of wall colors. 

However, you should consider the size and lighting in your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, choosing black cabinets is not wise, as it may make the room look smaller. Choose a light wall color to contrast the darker cabinets, such as white.

7. Multi-colors

Multi-colors make cabinets aesthetically appealing. It is a popular color trend in 2022. Different shades and stains on your cabinets can add visual interest and make your kitchen stand out. On the bottom cabinets, use a lighter tint, such as white oak, and white paint on the uppers. Alternatively, pair a navy cabinet color like Sherwin Williams Naval or Admiral Blue.

Now that we are hands-on with the luxurious kitchen cabinet colors let us discuss trending kitchen cabinet styles. 


  1. Industrial-Style Kitchen Cabinets 

It's easy to see why industrial-style kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, and concrete countertops give these kitchens a solidly built, unique aesthetic. Cabinet selection has a significant impact on the overall industrial aesthetic of a kitchen. 

You can select cabinets made of industrial-style materials such as metal or glass if you prefer. These cabinets can give the room an authentic factory feel. Another option is choosing cabinetry with a more modern appearance while incorporating some industrial design elements. This design could select unusual hardware, or metal drawer pulls with a distressed finish. 

You can easily add color to your industrial-style kitchen cabinets and kitchen island with a wash of teal paint. The color teal is a great choice for any kitchen, but it stands out in industrial-style kitchens reminiscing of antiquity. 

Consider using a combination of teal and distressed wood—handles made of antique wrought iron or metal that have an edgy, raw, industrial feel. Installing perforated metal shutters on a few cabinets will give them a more industrial look. This style will modernize your kitchen without going over the top with the renovations.

  1. Simple-Style Kitchen Cabinets 

Maintaining a welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen is one of the best simple kitchen design style ideas. You can accomplish this by creating a direct space between the kitchen and the other rooms in the house. Use partitions instead of formal doors and earthy colors to create a relaxed and calming effect. 

You can also choose traditional furniture with a modern twist. Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets are sleek and stylish. It can also help you keep your kitchen clean and organized. 

You can use the top rack of the kitchen to store kitchenware that you rarely use and the lower shelves to store items that you frequently use. You can also go for shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Because of their simple carving work, white shaker-style kitchen cabinets appear pure and appealing. 

They also look great with the black kitchen island countertop, a timeless, immaculate combo. Shaker cabinets are the favorite kitchen cabinet styles because they enhance the design aesthetics of the cooking space.

  1. Louvered Cabinets 


You might wonder why we mentioned louvers because they are ideal for windows and door shutters. Indeed, louvered cabinets are suitable for kitchen cabinets. Their horizontal slatted design creates an open feeling and makes simple kitchens appear more noticeable. 

Louver cabinets are usually made of wood or composite materials, making them an excellent choice for adding an element of coziness. They also offer excellent ventilation, which helps to keep dishes dry and clean. There are also a variety of color schemes available, ranging from an elegant black to a bright white or even gray and blue.

  1. Glass Front Cabinets 

Designers always suggest glass-front cabinets, occasionally backlit for added effectiveness. In these cabinets, you can store china, vintage cobalt glass collections, champagne flutes, or other decorative dishware. However, you can use glass cabinets in a more intentional and far less valuable way to lighten up the solid block effect of a wall of cabinets. 

The glass will provide a visual cue, reducing the need to open and close cabinets in search of the right item. Like open shelving, it prevents dust and kitchen grime from forming. 

When styling your glass cupboards, stick to one to three complementary colors to create a captivating and coordinated look in your kitchen. Remember that you can stick to a different color scheme all year. You can alter your color scheme in sync with your style or mood and changes in the weather or seasons.

Summing Up

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors might take time and effort. However, choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets will make the space appealing and unique. They clearly reflect your personality and purpose. Color schemes and styles also have a significant impact on your moods and emotions. 

Though we have curated a list, you should choose the cabinet style and color based on your preference after discussing it with your interior designer. 

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