Home-Staging Tips For Apartment Owners

home-staging tips for apartment owners

When you decide to sell your apartment, you expect it to be quick and successful. However, no matter how much you loved your old place, you need to prepare it for sale, so the potential buyers love it too. Staging your home is not something unusual. It's one of the essential steps of every home sale that will help you get a better deal. In this guide, you’ll learn the main home-staging tips for apartment owners that will surely assist you with the sale.

The Importance of Home-Staging

It’s not unusual that inexperienced sellers underestimate the power of home-staging. However, this step plays an integral part in selling a property, and that's why we want to point out some of the benefits:

  • it’s easier for buyers to visualize their life in your apartment, and makes them decide much faster;
  • you can get a better deal – a polished home will not only sell faster but also get a much better price;
  • it pays off – even though you need to invest some money in home staging, you can be sure it will pay off, even multiple times;
  • the property will spend less time on the market, which will allow you to move and get a new home faster.

Start With Removing The Unnecessary Items

The essential step of making an apartment tidy and attractive is removing clutter. Decluttering should be the first step of home-staging. Make sure you get rid of all the items causing the mess and getting in the way of the next few steps.

Cleaning – The Most Critical Of Home-Staging Tips For Apartment Owners

The first impression is crucial, so potential buyers need to see that the place is clean and deodorized. Make sure you deep-clean your apartment before you start welcoming buyers – do it yourself or hire professional cleaners for maximum effects. Also, remove any odor sources, which is very important if you smoke or have pets. The place should smell fresh, so add some aromatic candles and air fresheners as well.

cleaning with a sponge as a part of home-staging

A clean home will make a good first impression.

Removing Personal Items

As we have mentioned, buyers or renters should be able to visualize their life inside your apartment. Even though they are buying someone's place, they shouldn't feel like strangers at that home. That’s why make sure you remove all the personal items from the apartment. These include family photos, religious items, toys, framed certificates, diplomas, political items, etc.

Remember: packing and removing personal items from the apartment might require some assistance. Make sure you take a look at a couple of moving companies when you browse Best Movers NYC. Selecting a few options will help you compare their prices and services and pick the company that best suits your needs and budget. 

Choose The Suitable Color Theme

Painting the walls are the best way to freshen up the space and make it more attractive. However, it's not always easy to pick the right colors. That's why you should try to appeal to most tastes by using a neutral color palette. It’s the safest way to ensure the space appeals to most people and let them picture their décor style. However, some color pops are allowed but keep them to a minimum – colorful pillowcases or an interesting art piece are a great way to make the room attractive.

home-staging an apartment with neutral colors and a color pop

Neutral colors are your safest bet when staging your apartment for sale.

Add Some Plants

Plants give life to every room and undoubtedly represent a must in the home-staging process. That's why you should add some of them in the living room, but also the bathroom and kitchen. Also, putting fresh flowers in a vase is a nice touch for your dining table.

a living room with a couple of plants, representing home-staging tips for apartment owners

No list of home-staging tips for apartment owners would be complete without the mention of plants.

Decorate Your Coffee Table

As the living room is the central part of the apartment, don’t forget that details such as your coffee table can give a cozy and inviting feel to the room. You can easily style it with an elegant tray that will contain some books or magazines, and aromatic candle, flowers, and other decorative objects.

Let The Light Come In

If a place is well-lit, it will sell much faster than you think. That’s why you should let in as much of the natural light as possible. Light makes the rooms bigger, warmer, and unquestionably more attractive to buyers or renters. Remove any dark curtains and replace them with sheer, white ones. Also, ensure blinds are open and your windows clean for maximum results. All of these steps will make your apartment more inviting to visitors and emphasize all the great things about the place.

Move Safely To Your New Apartment

Once you decide to sell the old place, it’s time to start planning your moving day. Research moving companies with a lot of experience and many satisfied customers. They should clearly present their offer, including all the services and price costs. Also, you must approach signing the moving contract with care. You have to check many details in the agreement, so you don't get a nasty surprise later. So, be careful when closing the deal, as sometimes customers are negatively surprised by hidden costs that can change their plans a lot.

Make The Unpacking A Breeze

One of the things you can do to make your move easier is labeling the boxes and packing them systematically. Try to pack room by room, and write what’s inside each box. This will allow you to label the boxes by room. Movers can immediately place them in the appropriate space in your new house so that you can unpack without too much mess all-around your home.

Selling The House Is A Process

You must understand that selling your apartment could take a while. Luckily, you can speed it up with our home-staging tips for apartment owners and make your property irresistible to buyers. Even then, try to be objective and realistic, recognize the flaws and advantages of the place, and make sure buyers see all the good things about your apartment.

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