5 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Organic Natural Candle

Organic Natural Candle


Who doesn't like a sterile environment with the essence of calmness? In Singapore, it is a common practice to keep homes scented. Candles are one of the best ways to do so. Candles not only lit homes but also give a soothing feeling to the house. 

Singaporeans love to spend on candles. But do you know exactly what kind of candles have you bought? If you have bought paraffin candles instead of organic ones, you have wasted your money.

Organic Natural Candle:

What can be safer and purer than organic things? Natural food, natural beauty, natural scenes all have their natural charm and beauty. Beeswax and soy wax are the main ingredients of natural organic candles. In Lynkartisan, our candles are made with natural and organic ingredients. 

Reasons To Choose Natural Organic Candles:

The word “organic” in itself has many definitions and explanations. Organic things are not only good for health and they are also environmentally friendly. People have used paraffin wax candles since ancient times. With more research and study, people are now more conscious and careful with the types of candles they are using. Paraffin candles can be produced at a relatively low cost but they are not environmentally friendly. People buy them primarily for decoration purposes. Here are few reasons why you should always choose natural organic candles.

1: Natural Ingredients, Healthy Ingredients:

Nature works just like magic. Anything natural is not harmful. Natural candles are made of ingredients that are healthy for you and your surrounding. Organic candles are made of 100% non-toxic ingredients. There are two main ingredients in a natural candle.

           Soy wax and 


Those people who made organic candles at home extracts soy wax from soya beans or beeswax. Essential oils have their benefits. They are also the main ingredient of the natural candle. These all-natural ingredients are healthy and beneficial for you and your surroundings.

As for the candles in Lynkartisan, all our candles are made with our signature 100% palm wax and coconut oil blend. Our natural essential oil blends, fragrances, and botanicals are sourced from world-renowned fragrance houses. All our candles are thoughtfully hand poured in Singapore.

2: Environmental Friendly:

Here is the excellent news: you can make the environment non-toxic and clean. It's simpler than your thought. Lighting organic natural candles in your home keep the air quality of your home safe for yourself and your loved ones. 

Beeswax or soy wax is the primary and vital ingredient of organic candles. Beeswax has some magic chemicals that act as a gum for opposite ions. They have anions that attract dust particles, molds, germs, pollens, or other harmful particles. After attaching them, they become heavy enough to leave the air and sit on the floor. This process eliminates harmful particles from the air.

Due to this quality, soy and beeswax candles are best for people who get allergies to pollens or dust particles. Do not worry if you have an asthma patient at home. These candles are safe for them. On top of that, these candles increase air quality, benefitting their condition. 

3: Aromatherapy Right At Your Couch:

What's better than getting aromatherapy right at the comfort of your home on your couch? You can get aromatherapy with soy wax candles. In spas, they use a similar natural organic candle to relax your mind. Such candles don't have any artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals. Their natural scent is to help you relax and soothe your mind. The welcoming scent also pleases guests or anyone who visits you at your place.

A 100% organic natural candle will help you in reliving 




The scent from these candles is so soothing that it creates a calm and peaceful environment in your home. As in Singapore, most people reside in flats or condos. For relaxation of the mind, the organic candle is the preferred way of many.  

4: Burns Clean And Light:

Natural candles burn with bright light. These are very clean and free of black soot. Beeswax and soy wax burns very slowly because these have high melting points. It takes a much longer time to burn a small wick of an organic candle as compared to paraffin. 

Soy candles can take hours to burn.

5: Cost Benefits:

Yes, organic candles are generally more costly than paraffin candles but benefits that come with it out weights the cost. These are some of the benefits:


           Hypoallergenic Affects

           Calm Vibes

           Slow Burning 

Most natural resources are biodegradable so as organic natural candles. These candles are non-toxic and help in cleaning pollutants.

In Singapore, you can easily purchase natural organic candles from online stores like Lynkartisan. They can be in many different types of scents. Two of the top sellers are White Tea Candle and Himalayan Bamboo Candle.


Organic candles are commonly used nowadays. People prefer to buy them because these candles come in many scents to choose from. 

People are generally more health and environmentally conscious these days and the use of the natural organic candle is for both yourself and the environment.

The natural organic candle is the perfect choice for your home with a light-burning quality and enriching fragrance. You can also gift organic candles on different occasions to your friends. You can check out the candle gift set available on Lynkartisan website.

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