5 Reasons To Move & Store Your Belongings with The Same Company

5 Reasons to Move & Store Your Belongings with The Same Company

If you find yourself questioning your sanity or being exhausted during a move, it’s a part of the game. The analogy I have presented may appear to be a bit heartless to the ones who are tired of packing and moving. Pardon me for those words but over the past years, I have found considering it a game helpful.

 It becomes a little less challenging. While we are at it, let us talk about a pro-level challenge. Yes, you guessed it right, a long-distance move. One that involves hiring a storage company. It is going to cost you a lot more, in terms of time, effort and money as well.

One simple tip that can be a getaway to your salvation (not altogether of course!) is to hire a company that provides moving and storage services. Here are 5 reasons why!

1.      Convenience

Who else doesn’t crave a bit of convenience when they are managing a move. I guess there isn’t a single soul who would say a no. Even if you are relocating to a nearby place and your next house isn’t ready to keep your stuff, a storage company can help.

Dealing with two separate companies for moving and storage is going to add a lot more paperwork and hassle. Search for a company that can help you in the move and provides you reliable storage services. Strike a deal. It may take longer than finding a moving company but it’s worth your efforts.

2.     Safety

Of course, everyone wants the relocation process to be as safe as possible. Thus when you hire a moving company with dependable storage services, half of your worries are already gone. You don’t have to think about safety on any given day. From loading the stuff to delivering to your new house, it’s all their responsibility. In cases where moving professionals have to collaborate with another storage company, a communication gap can give you a nightmarish situation at the least.

3.     Expert Assistance At Every Step

Let we talk about the not-so-fancy details of hiring a moving company and another storage service. Your belongings will be left with the storage facility. You may have to unload them and organize them within the storage unit and even reload them when they need to be transported to your new abode.

 Depending on the policies of the companies you are hiring, the moving company may not even directly transport to the storage unit. If you want expert assistance throughout, take my advice. I am pretty sure you would be giving it out to other homeowners once you have done it.

4.     Lower Costs

Yes, this may come as a surprise to you. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of checking the costs of storage units and getting estimates from several moving companies, sum up the costs and decide on hiring them separately. It may appear to be a cost-effective option, trust me, it isn’t.

When hiring storage services is indispensable, it's best to request long-distance moving quotes from a company that is good at both. Shop around for finding the best deals.

If budget is your main concern, spend more time on shopping and negotiating. Try to find a middle ground that works for you and the professionals well. Keep in mind you only get what you pay for.

5.     Your Belongings Will Be Insured

There are several companies out there that offer moving and storage services. Are all of them reliable? Obviously no. A lot of them are ready to scam you. Sorry to disappoint you but you live in this harsh world. Do your best to find a company with legit insurance coverage. And when you find a company that offers insurance for your belongings, don’t let them go. They have to keep everything safe for you or else you will be paid for it!

The Final Words

Hiring professional movers and packers for making your move easier is one thing. Making a deal with a company that provides storage services is a game-changer. Leave out the hassle of dealing with tons of paperwork and stress. Happy safe moving!

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