9 Pocket-Friendly Hacks to Upgrade Your Kitchen

9 Pocket-Friendly Hacks to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Most people think that upgrading their kitchen would be an expensive deal. However, not every time it is expensive. The kitchen renovation can be done in various ways. You can do a full kitchen redesign, or do budget-friendly changes by simply renovating basic pieces. If your budget is low but at the same time craving after a more pleasant makeover, then here are some smart thoughts for snappy, simple, and moderate updates: 

  1. Make Wall Functioning

If you have a small kitchen, then functioning walls are very useful to give some extra space for storage, sitting, or for artwork. It all depends upon the creativity of how you use your kitchen walls.

  1. Switch Door Handles

The less considered point is the door handles. However, they can also transform your kitchen and it is one of the most pocket-friendly options to change the appeal of your space. Find the new door handles that are of the same size and plug them up to the old holes. There are plenty of designs available in the market to pick from. After replacing, just sand and paint the doors to get a completely new look.

  1. Change The Paint 

The least difficult approach to start a renovation is paint. Instantly give your tired and gloomy space a new look by painting dividers, roof, doors, and windows in different layers of brilliant neutral or white tones.

Change The Paint
In case you're covering up timber paneling, you'll need to apply a stain and tannin blocker first. Your nearby paint shop can help with this, and advise on the most appropriate paint for kitchen zones.

  1. Upcycle Your Existing Furniture

Kitchen furniture is another important thing, which can change the appeal of your place. A similar tone of your dining furniture can match well with your area. And if you wish for a table and crisscrossed chairs, then you can paint up your old furniture into new colors. It is a budget-friendly option with minimal effort. Replacing all old chairs and kitchen furniture with new ones can be costly for some people.

  1. Update Cabinets

The next interesting point is the kitchen cupboards. If they're sound and structurally solid but outdated, then you can simply paint or change the cabinet doors and cabinet fronts for a small amount of the cash instead of replacing the whole cabinetry.

Whether your cupboards are made of timber or just laminated, some paints will suit every type. Most kitchen cupboards are of a standard size; you can easily replace them. Further, if you feel daunted by painting all the cabinet doors yourself, then lookout for an expert. They will advise you better with the professional handling of cabinetry work.

  1. Change Splashback and Resurface Benchtops

Give a tiled splashback an entirely different look with tile paint and change your benchtop with stone look-alike finishes. Kitchen tiles are somehow different from tiles used in other areas of the home. Mostly, porcelain is widely used in the kitchen where foot traffic is high.

Changing the tile splashback will give your kitchen area a whole new look. And, if you wish to go budget-friendly and do not want any expensive replacement, then simply use tile paint to give a fresh look to tiles.

Just like tiles, benchtops also mean a lot in the kitchen, so resurfacing gives them a new appeal. If you can’t afford a complete stone benchtop, then giving the old one a stone-like finish is an affordable option. 

  1. Add Floating Shelves

Open or floating shelves’ trend changes with time. But if you like to display your favorite kitchen pieces or expensive crockery, then this is the best option for you. Though it has its pros and cons, if you desire to open available shelves, then you can go for this option. But ensure the thickness and strength of the material you use are adequate for the weight you put on it. And, also the height of your shelves should be easily accessible.

  1. Change Taps

Consider changing your kitchen taps if they are lacking to match well with your new design. Make sure to choose the tap that fits your existing plumbing work; for example, if your tap is wall-mounted, then pick the new one in the same option. Even if your taps are old, you surely need to change them. Select the material that is strong and never go off-trend like brass and steel.

  1. Try Different Lighting

At last, spend a little on light switches, window covers, and light fittings. These are a necessity of every kitchen and must be included in your redesign plan. Just try a little different lighting from the old ones to transform the look. Hang two to three pendant lights over the kitchen island and make sure to have ample task lighting. You can take advice from the expert electrician for lighting in the kitchen.

No matter, which size of kitchen you have, the above-said tips are handy for all kitchens. All you have to do is to avoid hazardous mistakes while remodeling your kitchen. This way, your budget will not exceed. And you’ll be able to enjoy your kitchen makeover project. 

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