How to Clean Your Room Quickly In A Fun Way?


How to Clean Your Room Quickly In A Fun Way?

Cleaning your room is always an overwhelming task at the start. Nevertheless, it actually is a quicker and easier chore once you get involved. You can clean your room in a fun way. In this article, I am sharing some interesting tips to save you from boredom.

Tips To Clean Your Room in A Fun Way

I have divided this task into four different parts and further made chunks for each part. These include,

  1. Stay motivated
  2. Handle the major chores
  3. Organize your room
  4. Clean the surfaces

Now, read below and find how to perform each task. All you will need is a duster, disinfectant spray, glass cleaner, and dustbin. In case, you are buying a vacuum to wind up quickly. I suggest that you use online discount codes from a leading electronics brand for a budget-friendly purchase.

Stay Motivated

  • Begin by playing your favourite music or playlist to feel energetic. Focus on faster beats, as it is always a good idea to enjoy weary chores.
  • Dedicated rewards for yourself once you complete this task. For instance, plan a movie, lunch, hangout, or playing your favourite game after cleaning your room.
  • Be creative and play a game to clean your room. I set a timer of ten minutes and clean as much room as possible within the time. Sometimes, I behave like a robot and often start mimicking the cleaner service to enjoy.
  • Prepare a checklist and keep a track of your cleaning by listing down all the tasks. Tick off the tasks you have completed, and find out what you must do more.
  • Schedule tasks weekly and make things manageable. It will help you get over the hectic work of a single day and keep your room clean.

Handle the Major Chores

  • Make your bed and get over an enormous task. It will quickly make your room cleaner and motivate you. You can move everything from your bed and pile it in one corner of the room for the next step.
  • Organize your clothes from the pile and separate the dirty and cleaner ones. Keep the dirty clothes in a basket and fold the cleaner ones to place in your wardrobe.
  • Check throughout your room for any dirty dishes to prevent all pungent smells. Take any cups, plates, mugs, and cutlery back to where they belong.  Further, discard all trash in the bin like food wrappers, apple cores, random paper bits, and leftovers.
  • Take advantage of the situation and toss out unnecessary items from your room. You will also make space in your room and get a chance to remove clutter.

Organize Your Room

  • First, put back everything spread on the floor. You must have space to roam around the room. Begin with huge objects like pillows, cushions, and books. Now, move to the tiny objects like stationery and jewellery.
  • Gather all the items that do not have a proper place in your room. For instance, gather stationery, accessories, beauty products, and crafts. Now, maintain separate boxes for each collection and place a note on it to make identifications.
  • Know what objects you want to display in the room. When you clean the room, ornaments and similar objects come to being from corners. Place such items on your dresser, desk, and bedside tables.
  • Be social and give unnecessary books, clothes, and toys to charity. While it will help you de-clutter your room, you will also be able to contribute for good without spending any money.

Clean the Surfaces

  • Dust every surface in your room by using a duster. Remove dust from the tables, dresser, bookshelf, bedside tables, fans, light fixtures, and relatable surfaces. Adopt a habit of starting high and dusting down to cover every area.
  • Wipe surfaces for any leftover dust, marks, and tackiness. If there is any gumminess on the surfaces, you will invite ants and bacteria into your room. Hence, use a microfiber cloth or spray a little cleaner on the surfaces.
  • Sweep the floor or vacuum it under surfaces like bed, sofa, wardrobe, and dresser. You can also remove furniture if necessary.
  • Use a broom to push away dust and gather it into a dustpan for cleaning. You can further dip your mop into soapy water or detergent to clean the floor.
  • Make sure to wipe the knobs, switches, and all the most touched spots in your room. Use a disinfectant spray to perform these chores
  • Take the help of a glass cleaner to wipe mirrors, tabletops, and windows. Do it properly and continue to clean until there are no marks left on these surfaces.

The Takeaway

Understand, cleaning your room is not difficult. If you follow these steps and divide the task into chunks, it can be fun. When you stay motivated, it is easy to get over major tasks, organize things, and finally clean surfaces. Happy cleaning!

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