Kid-Friendly Features Most Home Buyers Overlook

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Buying a family home is a huge event. Investing in a place where your kids will grow up is undoubtedly exciting. However, it is often very overwhelming too. Parents try to consider all the factors and make sure to pick the best home possible. However, that’s not always that easy. Balancing between your budget, houses currently on the market, and your family's needs can be tricky. That's when it happens – buyers forget to pay attention to some details and don't notice some important features of the house they want to purchase. For that reason, we wanted to list important kid-friendly features most home buyers overlook so you don't make the same mistake. You'll be able to find a complete home and be sure you picked the best option for your loved ones.

The Proximity To The Street

When moving with kids, parents always focus on safety. However, one of the home features buyers overlook is the position of the house. This means you should look for a home located in a safe neighborhood – ideally in a cul-de-sac. As there’s barely any traffic, it will be easier for you to relax when the kids are playing outside. Furthermore, there should be sidewalks separating your home from the street. This feature is essential if you're looking at homes in 'regular' neighborhoods, where cars are passing your home. Sidewalks minimize the risk and are where the kids can ride bikes.

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The Position Of Bedrooms

A growing family means only one thing – you need a bigger home with more bedrooms. However, have you ever thought about the position of those rooms? The location of kids’ rooms in the house is a home feature most home buyers forget to consider, but it's pretty important. If you are about to move with a baby, toddler, or generally younger kids, then chances are you’ll have to wake up during the night to check up on them for various reasons. If all of the bedrooms are on the same floor, you will hear the kids during the night. And this feature will make parenting a lot easier!

Ability To See The Backyard

Having a backyard is precious – your kids can play all day long, grow up and create unforgettable memories there. This is also a precious time for parents. While kids play outside, you can do some house chores, enjoy your favorite book, etc. However, it would be great if you could check up on the kids from the house without having to go outside to it. Therefore, check if any of the rooms, such as the kitchen, have a view of the backyard. That way, you can take a look whenever you want.

Open Floor Plan

Another house feature has something to do with the supervision of the kids in the open floor plan. This means the main rooms in the house, living room, kitchen, and dining room, are joined in one large space. This is very convenient for families with children. Parents can keep an eye on the kids who play in the living room while making dinner. Luckily, this is a common feature of modern homes, so it won’t be a problem to find it.

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Durable And Practical Floors

Another critical thing to consider is the way the floors are covered in your new home. Hardwood is excellent, but it is pretty delicate. With kids running around, playing, using riding toys often, it often ends up with scratches. That’s why you should consider homes with vinyl floors, which are way more durable. Furthermore, if you want carpets, think about the ones that come in tiles. It is much easier to replace one carpet tile with a stain than buy or clean the whole carpet.

Closed Storage Spaces

We love open displays of artwork, photo frames, etc. However, they are not safe with kids running around. The best solution for families with kids is closed storage areas. Firstly, storage is always necessary for growing families. Secondly, space will look tidier, and your items will be safer.

Safe Furniture

If you’re buying a house that comes with certain furniture pieces, make sure they don’t have sharp corners. Rounded furniture is the best option for kids who love to run around the house. However, if you have some pointy corners, you can always use protectors to make the space safer for your kids. And if you think it’s best to bring your old furniture to the new house – go for it! Just be sure to trust the guys from Divine Storage and Moving with all the heavy lifting – make this move safer for the whole family.

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Bath time for kids are quite important. It is both playtime and preparation for a good night's sleep. However, washing the kids in the sink or taking a shower is not as enjoyable and convenient as a good, old bathtub. That’s why you should take a look at the bathroom of the potential dream house and check if it has a bathtub your loved ones will enjoy.

The Proximity To Local Amenities

A family-friendly home means you can have easy access to local amenities that are interesting for your kids. Apart from school or kindergarten, make sure there’s a nice park or playground nearby. This will surely become important once you move and start exploring the new area. Also, it will be highly beneficial once you decide to sell the empty nest. The location of your home will be the most significant factor when you decide to sell once your kids move out. Parents are always in search of a well-positioned family home, so it's a safe investment.

A Final Piece Of Advice On Kid-Friendly Features Most Home Buyers Overlook

Sometimes, it's impossible to think of every little detail when buying a perfect house for your family. These are some of the main kid-friendly features most home buyers overlook, and you should consider them when house hunting. However, the most important thing you should remember is that everything is less important than your family’s health and happiness. Pick a home that doesn't contain too valuable items or materials, so you won't be sorry if something gets damaged during play. After all, it’s about a happy childhood rather than expensive household items.

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