Downsizing Your Home With Family - How To Make It Work?

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Downsizing your home with family - is that even possible? Families with two or three children think that this idea is absurd as bigger families require bigger space to make everything work. But, according to recent research, families who decluttered and downsized claim that they have become stronger, happier, and more tight-knit. They also claim that living in less square footage has made them less materialistic and, has saved them a lot of money, time, and energy. Having less space to worry about has given them more opportunities to focus on themselves and spend more time outside, bonding and making memories

So, as you can see, downsizing your home with family is possible; you just have to be persistent and a bit creative. But, if creativity is not your strong suit, do not worry; we are here to help you out.

Decide How Small You Want to Go

There are many reasons to buy real estate right now, and one of them is downsizing. But, before you go from 2,500 square feet to a 1,200 square feet home, be sure that it will work for your family. Do not try to outdo the sardines just because you like the idea of "tiny living." Instead, call for a family meeting and decide what kind of a place you are looking for. Think about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms necessary. Then, think about the home amenities you do or do not need - guest bedroom, home office, formal dining room, etc. 

Try to list all the features that you find necessary in your new home and rank them by order. This will help you see what is essential for you and your family and what you can do without. Do not rush your decision! Buying a home, even a small one, is a significant investment. Thus, when downsizing, be sure that it is comfortable enough!

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Be sure to know what is necessary to have in a home for your family to function properly. 

Find the Right Real Estate Agent 

That list of necessary features for your new home will now really come in handy. With that list, your real estate agent will be able to find you the home of your dreams in no time. But, it is important to note that not every real estate agent is the same - some specialize in finding commercial real estate, some in luxury, and of course, some specialize in finding family real estate. If you want to move to your new tiny home soon and if your are already waiting to pack your bags, the last one is the kind of real estate agent you should be looking for.

Moreover, while looking for real estate agents, keep an eye on the local ones. They usually know the market well and know exactly where each small-family home is located. With their professional help and expertise, you will be able to move into a home that suits both your needs and your budget.

Declutter Your Current Home 

Downsizing your home with family means getting rid of many of your current possessions. So, start decluttering as soon as you find your new home. Get rid of all the items that are crowding your home and that do not have any purpose - that also includes clothes and shoes you do not wear, toys and books your children have stopped using, etc.

We can all agree that decluttering for a move is stressful, but decluttering for a 'downsized' move can be nerve-racking. Thus, try to prepare yourself and your family on time. Make sure everybody understands the reasons why downsizing is necessary, and once they do, start donating, selling, and giving away everything you no longer need.

A family packing for relocation

Declutter your entire home before you start packing.

Figure Out Where Everything Will Fit in Advance 

Once you move into your smaller home, everything will be too overwhelming. You may not find a place for something; you may feel crowded with furniture; your children may want to run around but not have a space for that, etc. Do not panic! To prevent this, try figuring out where everything will fit in advance. Get blueprints of your new home and see what pieces of furniture and other household knick-knacks can fit and which should be immediately removed. 

Decluttering and getting rid of much of your stuff will save you space in your new home, and it will allow you to move on a budget. Remember, the cost of your relocation will largely depend on the amount of stuff you have to relocate. So, downsizing in terms of the number of belongings you have will play a significant part in your efforts to find affordable solutions for your relocation. The less stuff you have, the cheaper the relocation will be. 

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Downsizing your home with family requires a proper plan.

Consider Using A Storage Unit 

If you did not manage to declutter your current home and prepare yourself for downsizing, there are other solutions. You can, for example, use self-storage while moving and keep some of your items in there until you settle in. In that storage unit, you can keep all the things that cannot fit into your new, downsized home.

If you notice that you miss those items too much, you can always get them back intact. But, if, as time goes by, you completely forget about them, then you will see how life is perfectly manageable without them. In a way, using a storage unit can be a test to see whether you can make do without most of your material things and proof that downsizing your home with family was the right decision. 

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