How To Do A House Move With A Small Baby?


A House Move With A Small Baby

Moving with a small baby or toddler can be downright difficult as most of the time you will be juggling between moving boxes and cradling the baby. But, worry not, we have got you covered. Using all the below-mentioned tips and tricks you can ensure that your baby stays happy and the move happens ever so comfortably. First and foremost, to make sure your move goes successfully, you must start planning the relocation ahead of time - by which we mean at least forty to sixty days before the big day.

 Start Early

Since it is your first move with a small baby, it is highly suggested that you start well before time. With a little child, the only time you get to practically pack is when they are asleep, which means you get approximately 3-5 hours when you can truly dedicate yourself to it. The key here would be to leave the nursery items for last. Don’t touch the baby’s things until the last day of the move, especially things that make the baby feel secure and happy like the crib. However, start packing the non-essentials such as extra toys, spare bedding, walker, and other such things that the baby can do without for a few days.

 Keep Up the Routine

Another thing to make sure is that your child’s routine is affected as little as possible. Otherwise, small babies and toddlers can get cranky and problematic to handle. You don’t want to have a crying baby while running around the house packing your belongings. It is suggested that you get as much help from your spouse and outside as you can – it is unrealistic to think you can do it all by yourself while caring for a baby full time. That’s where moving companies come in, albeit it seems like an expensive option but it is the most convenient one for sure and you really will be thanking them by the end of the process.

Pack Beforehand

As mentioned earlier, if your home is organized, packing and moving automatically becomes easier. So, when moving homes with kids, the most practical approach is to start packing the room that is the least used first. The thumb rule is to pack the guest room first and pack the kid's toy room last so that the children are comfortable for the majority of the time. Change is really hard on children so they tend to get upset because of it. Some things to make sure of when moving are:

1. Making sure the kid's food is taken care of. Personally, I would make sure we cook a few meals in advance that the kids can have over the next few days, as you wouldn’t want to run around last-minute gathering the groceries and utensils;

2. Their cribs stay unpacked till the very end of your move;

3. Their favorite toys should be out;

4. Having yet another ‘baby bag’ at this point, prepared with spare clothes and things for just in case.

Hire a Moving Company

I truly believe in moving companies as they can help save so much time and stress. They come prepped with all kinds of packing materials ensuring all your stuff is packed safely, labeled, and intact whereas you handling it all by yourself as a toddler’s mom, just having to baby proof the process - trust me that’s too much on your plate already.

Starting from gathering all that packing material, an indefinite amount of cardboard boxes, tapes, stuffing, and labeling each of them will ask for too much of your attention and energy. And just for a second let’s imagine your toddler’s tantrum amidst all this. On that account, I am heading to look and shortlist for movers already and suggest you do the same!

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