10 Tips For A Great Family Outdoor Adventure


10 Tips For A Great Family Outdoor Adventure

After a somewhat disappointing 2020, many families are now planning for some serious vacation time later in the year. A great family outdoor adventure can allow your family to get the rest, relaxation, fresh air, and excitement you've been craving. To help make your adventure as fun and as safe as possible, below are ten great tips.

Figure Out Your Family's Schedules

One of the most challenging part of planning an outdoor vacation is scheduling it. Many families live hectic lives. Even if you are telecommuting and your children are attending Zoom classes online, you may not have the internet access you need in many great outdoor locales. Make sure you all have the time off you need.

Consider Car Camping

You don't have to spend six figures on a recreational vehicle to go camping across the country. Your family vehicle can do the job just as well. There are many websites online where that sell van living essentials that can transform any van or SUV into your recreational vehicle.

Put Together a First Aid Kit

Something you need for any camping expedition, outdoor adventure, or vacation, in general is a well-stocked first aid kit. According to the American Red Cross, a first aid kit should include items like compress dressings, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, and more.

Buy a Battery Powered Weather Radio

In certain camping spots, you may not have access to the internet or cell phone services. One thing that can present a severe threat while camping is Mother Nature. Buy a weather radio that can operate off of batteries and electric plug-ins if you do have access to electricity. Being alerted immediately of incoming storms, floods, and dangerous temperature fluctuations is essential.

Buy Cooking Tools and Make Camp Menus

One of the most fun camping activities are cooking and serving food in the great outdoors. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. A portable camp stove, for example, can allow you to cook a meal almost anywhere. Develop the menus you want to serve beforehand, so you have all the ingredients you need.

Teach Your Kids About Camping Safety

While the outdoors can be fun and exciting for families, it can also be scary if something were to go wrong. This is why you should educate your family on camping safety. This is especially the case for children. Teach them about campfire safety, what to do if they become lost, and even what to do if they encounter a bear.

Make It Educational

Children should always be learning. The great outdoors is one of the best classrooms for teaching children about different subjects, including biology, geology, history, art, health, and important life skills they can use later in life. Take advantage of the opportunity as a parent.

Buy Adventure Logs

Something else you should get for your family is adventure logs. These can be used like journals that your children can use to comment on all the fun things they did outdoors during the day. These logs can create meaningful keepsakes you can read over years later to relive the fun from your children's point of view.

Go Fishing

One of the best activities you and your family can partake in during an outdoor adventure is fishing. Fishing takes skill, patience, and concentration. The fruits of your labor can also be quite delicious. Children can feel a real sense of accomplishment, catching and eating their fish.

Get Flip Phones for Outdoor Trips

Outdoor adventures are not a time to be looking down at a digital screen. It is, however, still important to have cell phones for emergencies. One right solution for both issues is to invest in cheap flip phones for your children to use during your outdoor adventures. They'll have a phone when they need one and will also be forced to focus on family fun and the great outdoors instead of the distractions found on a smartphone screen.

Overall, you need to make the most of the time you have with your family. This is especially the case when your children are still young. The great outdoors presents plenty of great opportunities to get the most out of your family time. However, always make sure you are well prepared so the trip can be both fun and safe.

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