Best Family Vacation Ideas to Start Planning Now


Best Family Vacation Ideas to Start Planning Now

The year 2021 offers many more opportunities to travel. If you're ready to get on the road with your family, a camping trip may be the best option for fresh air, fun, and budget. When the summer is hot, you can still enjoy amazing camping options.

Head North

Upstate New York

When the temperatures rise, a camping trip up north can keep you cool and give you a memorable vacation. There is great camping in New York, and many rates are quite reasonable. Plan a trip out to The Oak at the Farm near Albion, New York. Bring your hiking shoes so you can enjoy the trails, your binoculars to check out all the birds, and your fishing pole.

The Oak at the Farm also offers great star-gazing. You'll be close to Lake Ontario, a short drive from Niagara Falls, and able to enjoy the lush green of an upstate New York summer.


If you're really ready to disconnect, consider a trip to Isle au Haut, an island off the coast of Stonington. Your gear options will be limited, as you will need to take a mailboat out to this rugged island. You can also stay on the mainland and explore Acadia National Park via a rented bike or under your own power on one of the many spectacular hiking trails.


For those in the middle of the country, a trip up to one of the many state parks in Minnesota might be the right choice. The park on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, known as the Interstate State Park, is a wonderful option for campers of any ilk. Rent a canoe and do some paddling, or enjoy a hike through the dalles, or local basalt gorges.

This park is managed by both states. The southern area is very RV-friendly as it's flat and open, and the northern end of the park is a bit more rugged, making it ideal for tent campers. If you plan to meet up with a larger clan over the summer, this park could be the ideal gathering spot.

Head to the Water


The white-sand beaches of the gulf coast offer visitors a break from the heat while enjoying great swimming and plenty of suns. Be aware that this region does get hot during the day and can be humid, but the water cools things down well at night and you can rest deeply after a day of swimming and enjoying the trails.

If you get the chance, find a spot at Gulf State Park and check out the dolphins at Orange Beach.

South Carolina

To enjoy the water and the history of the region, consider a trip to Huntington Beach State Park. You can pitch a tent on the beach or rent an RV for a spot a bit further inland. Ocean breezes will cool you in the evening and wake you in the morning.

Plan a trip to Hunting Island as well so you can enjoy watching the seabirds and visit the lighthouse. Take care not to overschedule your visit to South Carolina; this trip is all about relaxing on the sand.

Head-Up in Elevation


While many are trying to escape the heat of the desert in the summer, a trip up to Wheeler Peak Campground is a welcome respite from high temperatures. Your trip to the top via a winding, steep road will be well-rewarded with amazing views, Alpine forest, and cool, crisp nights.

Washington State

Book a trip to Eightmile Campground near Leavenworth, Washington. You'll find lots of options to enjoy nature, from the hiking trails along Icicle Creek to horseback trails into the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

If you need a bit more civilization for a part of your trip, reserve a space in the Thousand Trails campground closer to Leavenworth. Here you'll find wi-fi as needed and a general store for anything you forgot.

If you've been starved for travel, you may find yourself on the road with a lot of other families. As we come out of the pandemic, do take care to avoid transmission of the COVID-19 virus or any other illnesses. Take precautions, enjoy your travels, and relax!

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