A Brief Guide to Crisis Management in Construction Projects

A Brief Guide to Crisis Management in Construction Projects

Construction projects are full of risks and threats. Some of these are expected and can be resolved before their occurrence. While others are unexpected, and their occurrence leads to a crisis on the construction project site. Still, the authorities cannot blame the unexpected situation and have to find their way out of the difficult situation and ensure the progress of the project.

Therefore, crisis management holds a significant position in construction projects. In the UAE, construction is the leading industry that contributes significantly to the GDP. The people linked with the industry have to stay well prepared at all times, in order to avoid any major loss and keep the progress going. So, professionals and experts are involved in the construction projects from the get-go.

This the article will provide you a brief guide to crisis management in the construction project and the approaches you can use to make the situation better.

Top 5 Management Approaches to Deal with Construction Crisis

Crisis management is not just the responsibility of the authorities of the project. However, each and every individual involved in the project has to play its role. A crisis can occur at once, as well as periodically. This is the time when the individual support helps the authorities monitor the situation and take the appropriate approaches to resolve the issues.

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Below are some of the most effective management approaches that can help the parties involved in construction projects to deal with any crisis.

1.      Escaping Approach

The escaping approach of managing crises in construction projects focuses on developing the work values, culture, and philosophy to predict the issues. It stresses on monitoring the situation closely to grab the warning signs and take action even before the crisis has occurred.

The escaping approach preaches escaping the crisis by taking preventive measures before facing any issue. Still, such a situation can cause disbelief and issues among the project owners and construction parties, leading to claims. Therefore, most construction authorities acquire the help of construction claim management consultants from the get-go to monitor and resolve the situation efficiently.

2.     Solving Approach

The second crisis management approach often utilized in construction projects is the solving approach. This type of approach focuses on observing the scenarios as the crisis is taking place and driving out the solution strategies from it. It helps the authorities to prioritize their resolution plan and work on it effectively.

The solving approach also stresses the development of such a workplace environment where risks and threats are minimal. It helps the authorities to prioritize minimizing threats at work even if they have to compromise their growth in the process.

3.     Proactive Approach

A crisis can happen at any time in the construction project, as well as not occur at all. The authorities cannot just sit idly, watching the situation unfold, and then take action to resolve it. So, planning out each and every expected and unexpected scenario beforehand is crucial for their success.

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The proactive approach of crisis management in the construction project also focuses on planning to deal with the crisis. It focuses on involving the experts and general workers to come up with the plan, so all the involved people know how to resolve the situation when it happens instead of wasting their time.

4.    Reactive Approach

One of the most important crisis management approach utilized in construction projects is the reactive approach. As the name suggests, this type of method suggests reacting according to the crisis situation and making important decisions for betterment.

This approach stresses reacting according to the need of the hour, even if the solution could have seemed unfavorable in the normal working conditions. Aggressive decision making according to the unexpected situation is the main point preached by tee reactive approach.

5.     Interactive Approach

The interactive approach of crisis management in construction projects is more focused on staying prepared for future issues. This type of approach focuses on observing the situation before the happening of crisis, as well as during and after a crisis. 

The interactive approach stresses establishing organizational learning, rules, and policies for future, and self-control mechanisms to avoid and manage crises if it still occurs. The adaptation of this approach can minimize risks and losses. Still, you may have to deal with claim issues by the owner of projects. You can hire the service of construction claim consultants and ensure to manage crisis along with claims with professional help.

Work on your crisis management approach to limit loss!

In the construction work, the involved parties have to stay well prepared for good and bad days. Good days help earn more profit, and even if you minimize the loss on bad days, they can still leave you with some claim issues. So, develop your crisis management approaches to save the project while reducing loss. Moreover, involve professionals in your project from the initial stage to monitor progress and lend you support whenever needed.

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