Beautiful Living Room Interior Design Trend 2020

Beautiful Living Room Interior Design Trend 2020

The most prominent area and the heart of every home. The living room is a place where families often gather to chat and relax after a long day outside. Therefore, to create a perfect living room, you should learn about the design trends of the living room as well as style, items, colors, etc.

The Living Room Design Trend

Modern life always hustles. This has a direct impact on everyone, leaving us in a rush all the time. The feeling of saturation with everything around us makes us want to go home after stressful working hours. Therefore, the living room should be designed to be conducive to relaxation and should evoke positive emotions. That is why designers always believe that the design of the living room is of the utmost importance to most customers.

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To design a beautiful living room there are many styles. In which the most interested in the Neoclassical, modern, Scandinavian design of Nordic people. Each style is a different source of inspiration.

With these styles, you can uncover a myriad of living room ideas. In addition, if you are a pragmatist who prefers functionality over appearance, Minimalism is also an option.

However, whatever the trend, the best interior designs are those that are durable over time. If you follow a fashion trend, it only lasts for a few years, and then quickly goes out of fashion.

What Style Of The Living Room Is Beautiful?

Everyone's taste is different. Nice to this person but not sure to be beautiful to others. This is always mentioned by interior designers when consulting a client.

For those If you planning to decorate your living room, we recommend you check out the interior styles. Make sure that the design adds to the value of the house, and you truly love and understand the culture and style you want. In addition, interior items should have sustainable beauty and sophisticated finishing.

If conditions permit, you should periodically change the design of the room to decorate the theme room (Spring, Summer, Fall-Winter), which will give you a different feeling without spending too much money.

Loft-Style Living Room (Attic)

A Loft is often used to describe an upper floor, or attic, of a house. Initially, it was used in industrial facilities, and later in apartments, townhouses, and villas. A prerequisite to designing a Loft style interior is that the living room needs a high enough ceiling.

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If you bring elements of a loft-style interior into a smaller-sized living room, you can also create a larger living room, the designers say. To create a Loft style interior, you don't have to use all the walls. Walls, if any, will be places to decorate items or accents for furniture.

Scandinavian-Style Living Room

The Nordic design style is very popular. Nordic living room design often focuses on simplicity but comfort. With Nordic furniture, natural materials are thoroughly used such as wooden floors, carpets, wool, wallpaper, fabrics. Natural fabric has always been a suitable ingredient used in almost every Scandinavian design.

A reasonable amount of light will contribute to the comfort of everyone in the family. But Scandinavian style often focuses on bright colors, maximum white. In addition, the decoration of floors, ceilings, and walls is equally important in the design of Scandinavian living rooms

New Classical Living Room

Nowadays, the interior decoration of the living room with the New Classical style is very popular and popular with many people. This style is durable, and you don't need to change a lot after years of use. The New Classical living room emphasizes the symmetry of decorative details and sophisticated finishing. However, this style requires a high level of income.

The focal point of the New Classical living room is usually a sofa with velvet upholstery, real leather ... Ornaments are textile elements, vases, candlesticks, etc., finished with high quality to ensure the luxurious. In addition, large chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. are important factors to make the living room warmer.

Common Colors For The Living Room

The color scheme of the living room is very important, as it provides psychological and psychological awareness. It is always believed that for large rooms, they can choose any color depending on personal preference. However, the living room has its own trend, so you should be given instructions on how to match colors. First, you should start small.

Warm Palette - Warm Palette

In fact, decorating in warm tones can accentuate gray. In the past, the designers tried to limit the use of the interior, because the choice was too bleak. However, now it is really modern, new, and loved by many customers.

You should be careful when using gray tones, as it can make the interior of the living room look old and ugly. However, if you know how to use it, this will make your living room truly elegant and elegant. Not only that, but the gray color scheme will also create a wonderful overall combination of pink, blue, yellow, and green. This allows you to have more color combinations.

Cold Color Palette

For other options, you can use cool shades to decorate the living room. I recommend taking a closer look at the blue range, including light and dark tones. Because this color is difficult to combine with other colors.

If you decorate the wall with dark blue color. In this case, using wooden furniture will help the living room space become comfortable and warm. Thanks to this combination, optimal color balance is maintained. The same goes for purple or green.

It is worth noting that the interior of the living room is dark green, dark brown, or purple. These colors are sometimes not suitable for everyone, it is only suitable if the windows are sunny. This means that your living room needs adequate daylight.

Bright Color Palette

If the design of the bedroom is limited by many factors, then the color of the living room looks more comfortable. However, for interior spaces that are limited in area, bright tones are still preferred. And to avoid dullness, accent colors are often used to dot. So it's not surprising that you see a living room with a sudden and dramatic color accent. For example, use red to paint a wall in the living room. That decision seems bold, but it attracts attention.

In some cases, an eye-catching highlight can also be a large rug. Or a set of furniture, cabinets, etc. Because it increases mood and energy. At the same time, can blend perfectly with any spatial form.

In general, there are no restrictions on the selection of color palettes. Based on the above suggestions, you can find yourself the most suitable choice

Living Room & Natural Light

Panoramic windows are a great choice for a living room. Large windows help optimize natural light sources, are good for health, and create a fresh atmosphere. This is also a criterion to evaluate the value of a house. Even for small-area apartments, nowadays they are also designed with such large doors.

Nowadays, construction areas in urban areas do not allow much space for getting natural light from large windows. So designers often try to combine functional areas together such as living room, kitchen, office, etc. together. The purpose of making the most of natural light from the panoramic window.

Color For Modern & Classic Living Rooms

In modern interiors, only a few regular tones are used. As for the classical or neoclassical trend, colors tend to be tertiary and tertiary colors.

Basically, the color palette helps to emphasize the nuances of the space, and also greatly affects the psychological state such as: active, happy, depressed, etc ... Therefore, it is best to use neutral tones. , will be more suitable for family members. In addition, the relevance of highlights such as trees, floor lamps, or decorative pillows, is also important for the comfort of your living room.

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