Have A Relaxing And Peaceful Bedroom With These Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Have a Relaxing and Peaceful Bedroom with These Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Relaxation and peace are the two essential components that we tend to crave in our bedrooms. The principle of Vastu Shastra has provided the placement and design of bedrooms of higher importance as it affects the relationship of couples living in the room and, in the end, the family living in the house. The principle of Vastu follows the common belief of maintaining the perfect balance in cosmic energy to bring happiness, wealth, and harmony into people's lives. By following the important Vastu for Bedroom guidelines, you can decorate your bedroom for a peaceful environment and blissful life with your loved ones.    

Bedroom Direction As Per Vastu


The south-west corner of the property must be considered for the master bedroom and ensure that newly married couples occupy it. It is the direction that can bring in health and prosperity in the dwellers' lives, as per Vastu. The bed placement must be in the West or South direction of the room and ensure that when sleeping on the bed, your legs are pointed towards the East or North direction. Never choose the southeast or northeast direction of the house for placement of the bedroom. Northwest and east direction of the house is best suited for a kid’s bedroom. 

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Colour Scheme For Bedroom


The color of the bedroom sets the aura and environment that affect the mood of people occupying the room. The color and theme of the bedroom must reflect a positive vibe, be peaceful, and feel relaxing. Cream, off-white, peach, pink, earthy tones and themes are the best color scheme for the bedroom, as per Vastu. Avoid painting the bedroom walls with dark shades and never hang any sad images or dark pictures of Goddesses or Gods or images of dead relatives on bedroom walls as it brings in negative energies into the room.

Bedroom Furniture and Their Placement 


Wooden furniture is always welcome in a newly constructed bedroom. The bed in your bedroom must be in a perfect square or rectangular shape. The oval, round or irregular shape beds are not a good choice for bedrooms according to Vastu. You must choose a bed made of wooden materials and avoid choosing a bed made of wrought iron or metals. You must always prefer using one single mattress for your double bed. 


Avoid Electronic and Electrical Appliances in Bedroom


Today, it is gradually becoming impossible for people to do anything without a TV, mobile phone, computer PC, and other gadgets. Hence, they tend to have them all in their bedroom without knowing the side effects. If you want to keep the atmosphere relaxing and calming in your bedroom, avoid these electrical appliances and gadgets inside your bedroom. If avoiding them is impossible for you, then ensure that the gadgets and appliances are far away from your bed and the screens of your PC and TV never reflect the image of your bed. 


Mirrors in Bedroom

Vastu guidelines suggest that people must avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom. But, in modern homes and apartments where there is limited space, it becomes challenging for people to have a separate dressing room. So, they tend to have a dressing table in their bedroom. So, in such a case, you need to ensure that the bed's reflection is not visible in the mirror because it is considered inauspicious, according to Vastu. You need to ensure that the mirrors are not pointed towards your legs when sleeping on the bed. Since the body releases negative energies when you are sleeping and if the mirror is towards the leg or reflecting the bed, it may reflect those negative energies.

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Make Fragrant and Fresh Bedroom


Aromatherapy is the potent solution to impact the senses and improvise the romantic aura in your bedroom. You can decorate your bedroom with aromatic candles and fresh flowers by placing potpourri or a diffuser of your favorite fragrance and experiencing the change. People may also decorate their bedroom by placing indoor plants in the bedroom, and the freshness and sparkle of the plants will brighten and liven up space. The best plant you must have in your bedroom, according to Vastu, is the Peace Lily. 


Take the help of these tips when decorating or designing your bedroom based on Vastu's principle and feel the differences in your house and your family’s health.

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