Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform on which people share videos and photos. People of all age groups use Instagram to stay in touch with friends, relatives, family members, etc. Instagram has features like stories, reels, live videos, etc. With the availability of these features, people share a lot of content and post regularly on Instagram. Instagram is accessible from any place and at any time. Nowadays, people also build their businesses on Instagram and earn money. However, recently Instagram scams are commonly occurring. Scammers cheat people on Instagram in many ways and steal money from them.

Creating An Instagram Account:

You can create an Instagram account by using two methods. One is directly downloading the Instagram app and the second is using the Instagram website through the web browser.

How To Use The Instagram App:

       You can start the first step by downloading the Instagram app on your device. If it is for Android, you can use the Google Play Store. In the case of an iPhone, you can use the iPhone app store. 

       After that, you can open the Instagram app.

       Then press the "sign up" button beside the "don't have an account" option.

       Enter your email or phone number. After that, Instagram sends a confirmation code to verify that it is you.

       After receiving the confirmation code, you must enter that confirmation code and then tap next.

       After that, you must enter your first and last name and create a password for your Instagram account.

       Then enter your date of birth and choose a username. After that, you can tap the sign-up button.

When Using The Browser For Instagram:

       Open the Instagram website directly in your browser.

       Afterwards, click the sign-up option next to the "don't have an account" option.

       Next, you must enter your email or mobile number, first name, and last name.

       Then you must select a unique username for your Instagram account and create a strong and discrete password.

       Click on the "Sign up" tab. Give details of your date of birth. Afterward, you will get an email or message confirmation code from Instagram.

       First enter the code then press on next.

       After that, press the person icon on the top-most right corner of the screen.

       Then press the "Edit profile" option and add your desired information for display.


With Instagram, people have several benefits to enjoy.

  1. By using Instagram, you can set up a business and earn money. For example, if A has his clothing brand, he can set up his business page on Instagram and post about his products to sell and earn money.
  2. As Instagram posts have a lot of content that helps you understand the customers' preferences, you will get good clarity of whom you should target while promoting your business's products and services. To advertise your products and services, you can target your desired audience on Instagram based on demographics, such as gender, location, interests, etc.
  3. Instagram also boosts the sales of your business.
  4. You will find many customers on Instagram and you can attract them to your brand by posting about your products and services on your Instagram page. After that, you will gain followers. Then your followers will automatically be updated regularly about your products and services. Apart from that, the audiences become aware of your brand, customer loyalty increases, and you can generate new leads too.
  5. With Instagram, you can gain visitors to your business website by promoting your brand's products and services.
  6. You can connect with your customers directly.
  7. You also can check what your competitors are up to, like, what products they are manufacturing, their marketing strategies, etc.
  8. You can stay connected with your friends, relatives, and family members.
  9. You can share any content, such as images, videos, etc, on Instagram.
  10. You can also shop for your desired products on Instagram.


The disadvantages and threats of using Instagram are mentioned below:

       Instagram Romance Scams:

Here, the scammers connect with the victims by creating fake Instagram profiles. They then start building relationships with the victims. After building solid relationships with the victims, the scammers make excuses such as being in a medical emergency, needing money to purchase a flight ticket home, etc. As soon as they receive money from the victims, they disappear.

For example, a person has an attractive profile and connects with A and B on Instagram and flirts with them. Then that person establishes a strong and trustworthy relationship with them. Then the person asks for money from A and B by mentioning that some family member is admitted to the hospital and needs money for treatment. A and B get touched with the story and pay the money. Then the person disappears just like that. Then A and B realize that this person defrauded them and that it is a fraudulent scheme.

       Instagram Lottery Scam:

In the Instagram lottery scam, a fraudster from Instagram messages a victim that the victim had won something. Then the scammer conveys to the victim a message to pay a fee and claim the reward.

For example, B has received a message from a fraudster on Instagram regarding a lottery winning a cash prize of ten thousand rupees. Then the fraudster also informs B through that message that he must pay the fee if B wants to get the cash prize.

       Instagram Investment Frauds:

In the case of Instagram investment fraud, scammers post fake investment opportunities on Instagram and promise a high return on investment. People who want to earn extra money come across these false investment opportunities. When they put in their initial investment, the scammers steal the money and disappear.


People using Instagram should know about Instagram scams and protect themselves from them. They must never give a chance to the scammers to defraud them.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How Can You Report A Fake Instagram Account?

If you want to report a fake Instagram account, then you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

       Visit the fake profile you want to report.

       You will find three dots at the right corner situated on the top. Click on that and choose the "Report" option.

       After clicking that, you will find a dialog box with three options that mention why you are reporting the account. Next, you press the last option, "Report account." and select the "pretending to be someone else” option.

       Then choose the option to disclose who this account is faking to be.

       Finally, click on "Submit a report."

  1. How Is The Link Added To Your Instagram Bio?

       Go to your Instagram profile and choose the edit profile option present there.

       Then go to the website field.

Enter the link in that field. 

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