Top Apps and Websites Developed With AngularJS

Top Apps and Websites Developed with AngularJS

Apps and websites are being launched day in and day out and everyone expects them to become profitable ventures. However, in this hyper-competitive environment, this might seem a bit tricky but is quite a doable job. Gone are the days when launching an app or a website was a big deal. Today, it’s not just about the launch or having a mere online presence. It’s more about developing a solution that not just catches the attention but also offers impeccable performance and a flawless experience like never before. In fact, sometimes an app or a website can be so attention-grabbing that it compels its end users to become dedicated patrons for the long haul.

A bit Gist of the Angular Technology                                               2

#1  Out of Box Solutions                                                                                     3

#2  Backed by The Tech Giant                                                                          3

#3 High-end Productivity                                                                                  4

Top Angular App Development Projects                                        5

#1 Gmail                                                                                                                   5

#2 Microsoft Office                                                                                               5

#3 Upwork                                                                                                              5

#4 Forbes                                                                                                                6

#5 PayPal                                                                                                                 6

Conclusion                                                                                              6

Now here comes the big question, how do develop an intimidating website or a mobile application? Have you already started latching on to the trendiest new technologies? Well, it’s a great thing but one should never forget the veterans. I am talking about Angular. Since its inception, the technology seems to have maintained its position as one of the best web development frameworks around. And honestly speaking, there are a plethora of blogs and articles written on what Angular is and why choose Angular for web development projects. This blog post in particular is about some of the top websites and applications developed using Angular Technology.

A Bit of Gist of The Angular Technology

As mentioned earlier, today having an ultra-effective online presence is what’s needed. So you must end up choosing a web development framework that features a wide range of amazing aspects such as declarative templates, integrated best practices, dependency injection, and the list goes on. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the framework has an impressive track record of offering a rich user experience, performance, great documentation, robust programming, great learning curve, simple framework, high-end stability, fast responsiveness, and easy-to-use/maintain code. Angular was developed back in 2009 by the tech giant Google and since then the product keeps on improving and enhancing catching the eye of several technical minds and communities. Further below I would like to mention certain interesting facts and figures about Angular.

       58000+ stars on GitHub

       100000+ professionals enjoy working using the technology

       36000000 websites are already developed

       Often being compared to React and Vuejs

Now further I would like to mention certain benefits of Angular. Let’s take a look at the pros and advantages offered by Angular.

#1 Out-of-Box Solutions

The first and foremost advantage of using Angular in comparison to other web development frameworks is that this one offers nothing less than out-of-the-box solutions. Now one of the most tedious tasks while developing any app or website is to fetch data. What happens here is Angular takes good care of routing. Apart from that, the framework successfully facilitates testing.

Now whenever you create an app, it is vital and daunting to use third-party libraries for developing basic functionality. However, here that’s certainly not the case. Yes, there’s an official library that can be used for developing a basic app that features high-end security and high-quality code.

#2  Backed By The Tech Giant

Another amazing reason for considering Angular is that it is highly supported by Google. And not just that, several Google apps themselves are Angular-based such as Gmail, Forbes, Upwork, PayPal, Jetblue, and so forth. In fact, when asked, the tech giant has confirmed that Angular is a reliable tech and offers immense stability like none other. In fact, in case even if you get stuck somewhere in between the development procedure, you can seek assistance from Google’s certified Angular professionals.  

#3 High-End Productivity

Another interesting benefit offered by Angular is high-end productivity. Gone are the times when developers were compelled to spend a day in and day out figuring out what a particular function does or how to make the most of that particular component and whatnot! Today, with the use of high-readability code, things seem to have become pretty easy and seamless.

Other than high-end productivity, Angular offers amazing maintainability. Here updates are pretty easy and automatic. In other words, developers no longer have to spend time worrying if new packages are supported or not because the technology automatically takes care of all these hustles.

Now you must be wondering what types of applications can be built using Angular.

       Single page Application -If you want to develop a seamless and uninterrupted user interface.

       Enterprise Web Applications - Since Angular is scalable and features MVC architecture, it is highly recommended for developing enterprise web apps.

       Mobile Apps - Any type of mobile application can be developed using Angular.

       Progressive Web Applications - Here you get the privilege of responsive design, quick loading time, and offline ability.

       eCommerce Apps - Amazon, Flipkart, and your eCommerce app could be the next in line.

       Social Apps - One of the best examples of social apps is Linkedin.

       Portals -

       Server-Side Rendered Apps - These apps definitely raise the site’s visibility on the search engine result pages.

       Video Streaming Apps - Youtube and Netflix must be taken into consideration here.

Now further I would like to mention some of the best examples of Angular Applications and why your app should be the next in line.

Top Angular App Development Projects

#1 Gmail

Gmail is a pretty known example of Angular App Development and why not it has catered to a wide range of attention from all across the globe. The tech giant seems to have used its technology to make its app stronger and faster in comparison to other apps. Pretty clever move, I must say!

At present, Gmail features around 1.4 billion people and is one of the best-used free email services. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that Gmail supports around 105 different languages recently.

#2 Microsoft Office

This might be an eye-opener for you. We all know what Microsoft office is and its prerequisites such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Well, Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365 are the latest additions. It may quite interest you to know that the tech giant was solely responsible for developing the typescript and I hope you got the link. Angular is highly recommendable because of Typescript.

#3 Upwork

The next best example of a website developed using Angular is Upwork. The website successfully connects businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical with independent, freelance experts, raw talents, and agencies across the globe. As a result, both the parties' businesses, as well as freelancers, are in a win-win situation. Here’s their chance to meet and communicate seamlessly.  

20 million+ users have already experienced the seamless website regarding navigation and single-page experience.

#4 Forbes

We all know what Forbes is, right? However, what you may not know is the website turns out to be one of the best Angular examples. Wondering why? Angular has this write once and use everywhere policy and that enables Forbes to perform at its best. Apart from that, here you can expect a rich user experience and support and maintenance for the very long run.

#5 PayPal

One of the seamless transaction apps is PayPal. In fact, the app is so recommended across different countries to support online money transfers. PayPal itself is an American multinational finance company that is quite reputable and trustworthy. Angular plays a crucial role here by offering amazing data transaction facilities and tight security. Also, if you see it from the end-users point of view, PayPal is pretty easy, and seamless and a money transaction is possible within a few clicks.


And that’s all for now! Angular has proven its worth on several grounds. However, to come up with the best app development solution, you must partner with a reliable app development company that has a team of skilled and experienced experts to do the job for you. 

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