Types Of Covid Testing In Houston

Covid Testing In Houston

               Have you been exposed to coronavirus?

        Have you been to a place where the rate of covid is rapidly increasing?

        Have you been in the presence of someone who got diagnosed with covid, later that evening or the next day?

        Are you suffering from headaches, fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing?

        Are you related to a health worker?

        Are you a front-line health worker?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, to any or all of the questions mentioned above, You need to get yourself tested right away.

Texas Diagnostic Laboratories

Texas Diagnostic Laboratories is a licensed and certified diagnostic center. It is equipped with approved covid testing kits. This laboratory is located in central Houston with multiple collection sites for everyone’s ease. At Texas Diagnostic Laboratories, they deliver reliable results within 48 hours.

If there is a family of 5 people that need to get tested, 5 separate registrations will be required. Texas Diagnostic Center has a registration procedure. Online registration is available on their website and you can schedule an appointment as well as follow through with your payment method online. This facility has proven effective for everyone since covid closed doors for in-person interaction.

Polymerase Chain Reaction Test

Texas Diagnostic Laboratories offer a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test on-site. This is a molecular test conducted to study tiny strands of DNA. PCR is one of the most effective tests for detecting Covid-19 symptoms in the body.

In this test, the DNA strands are heated to allow multiplication into tens and hundreds of strands. The DNA strands are then studied for further detection of abnormalities and diseases. Urgent Test Results are delivered within 24 hours and the price of covid testing ranges between $100-150 US dollars. 

Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics is a CLIA-certified laboratory that deals in all kinds of blood tests and diagnoses. This laboratory is located in Houston and it conducts many kinds of covid tests.

ADX Card Testing

Accel Diagnostics has developed a new tool for covid testing. ADX cards are controlled by a mobile application. Medical conditions can now be diagnosed and monitored more efficiently with the help of this tool.

Accel Diagnostics offers the following covid tests priced according to the duration of receiving results :

        Expedited PCR - Results in 2 Hours (ranges from $150-200 US Dollars).

        Same-Day PCR - Results Within 24 hours (ranges from $100-150 US Dollars but if you have medical insurance, this test will be conducted free of cost)

Texas Mobile Medical Labs

Texas Mobile Medical Labs, as the name implies, is a mobile medical lab that comes to you, so that you don’t have to go anywhere. The results are delivered within 30 minutes or the same day. Their price range is between $150-200 US dollars. You can get your results printed out by contacting them at info@texasmobilemedicallabs.com

Reliable Covid Testing has been made easier for the residents of Houston, Texas. If you experience any symptoms, get tested at once. 

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