5 Great Resources When Car Shopping

5 Great Resources When Car Shopping

Before you go to a dealership, it's essential to learn as much as you can about cars. Different resources offer information on various makes and models, and you can even use the available resources to research prices and find the best deal. These tools can be beneficial when you're shopping in person at a dealership. Before you start looking, consider these five great resources for car shoppers:

Car Websites

You can save yourself a lot of time and money when you go car shopping. There are many resources online to help you understand what each vehicle is worth. Edmunds, for example, ranks ads by their reputation and price, which can help figure out how much you can spend on a new car.

In addition, Edmunds lets you view how long an ad has been on the market, so you can see how much it will cost you if you buy it now. KBB.org is another website that lists models for sale in your area.

It has quick specs, consumer reviews, and safety ratings. You can also see the safety ratings of other vehicles in your area. If you want to save more money, you can look up the price of a specific car on its website.

Print Media

If you're planning on buying a new car, print media is a great resource to use. According to USA Today, a vehicle advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, or other print media can reach thousands of potential customers every hour.

Since most viewers are in the area, they are likely residents, increasing the likelihood of a sale. For the most accurate estimate of your vehicle's fair market value, you'll want to read a consumer report and rely on the information provided.

Car Expert Blogs

Many popular car blogs are available online that cover various topics, from new cars to classic and vintage vehicles. Carvana is a popular blog with inside information about the latest models, and its editors are well known for their honest reviews.

The TrueCar Adviser is a blog that supports independent editorial content. It is run by a group of auto industry insiders who adhere to a strict code of full disclosure. It provides frequent news, new car reviews, guides that are easy to read and digest. Both blogs aim to provide quality information to their readers.

Car Buyers and Sellers’ Checklist

A car buyer and sellers' checklist can save you a great deal of time and money. The best ones will help you find a vehicle that suits your needs and fits your budget. You can use them to compare price quotes, make and model choices, and more. They will also tell you how much your trade-in will be worth and where you can get the most value for it.

Using a car buyer and sellers' checklist will also save you a lot of time. When you are looking for a used vehicle, it can be helpful to compare cars for sale online, and you can see if a particular model is more expensive than another. If you want to buy a classic, a car buying guide is an excellent way to determine what you can expect to pay for it.

Car Buyer and Seller Apps

Car buying Apps can help you find the best deal on the perfect vehicle and make the entire process easier. These applications are available for iPhone, Android, and other devices and can save your favorites for easy reference. In addition, many of them come with financing options, such as auto loans and leases.

Many apps are available for the iPhone and Android, but not all of them have everything you need. Many apps offer a variety of features, including price drop alerts. These apps also list tens of thousands of vehicles and let you view price histories. Most are also free to browse, but you may have to pay to list a vehicle with the app.


The above resources allow you to search for cars by price, make, and model and help you determine your budget. It is also vital to check out consumer reviews to assess how satisfied other people are. Comparing different vehicles side-by-side can save time and money when shopping for a new car.

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