5 Tools To Help You Figure Out Your Car's Value

5 Tools To Help You Figure Out Your Car's Value

Purchasing a new car can be somehow frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. According to research, car buyers between 18 and 34 years prefer getting a used car instead of a new one. However, this is not encouraging for automotive companies. Selling your used car can also be discouraging if you figure out its value. Fortunately, various tools and materials are available to estimate your car's value. Here are five tools that will help you determine your car's value.

Black Book

It is the only online tool accessible for free that can assist you in determining the resale value for your car. Therefore, this is achieved by considering the model, year, equipment, location, and miles covered through your postal code. You will receive two various trade-in estimations that are high and low, depending on your car's mileage and condition. Over five years, you will also have a general overview of your car's depreciation process. Therefore, understanding your car's future value will enable you to determine the most profitable time to sell it. The black book also offers the general asking cost in actual time depending on the millions of classified. You can also confirm this information through websites such as Auto123.com.

Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book is mainly known as KBB, one of the principal online estimators of car value. It utilizes your car information such as mileage, makes, and color to estimate its value. Therefore, if you are contemplating selling your car, KBB will provide you with an immediate cash offer depending on your car's value. You will also be able to search for the cost of used and new vehicles and even those on sale in nearby car dealerships.

Red Book

The Red Book also records the retail and wholesale values for certain cars depending on their model, year, kilometers, make, and two available written documents. The cost is $31.95 for one issue and $115 for an annual subscription consisting of four cases. The first issue consists of information on below five years old cars. The second one is also known as "Older Car and Light Duty Truck'' which determines the value of much older cars, i.e., ten to twelve years. Therefore using the Black Book is more cost-effective. The Red Book is also available online at $249.99. This can be very pricey for personal car owners- however, fleet managers and car dealers can benefit significantly.

NADA (National Automobile Dealer's Association)

NADA also enables you to determine the value of your car, but it applies a different technique. It pays attention to the car's current market price, wholesale cost, and the demand for vehicles within your location. It is significant to understand that the NADA's car value estimates usually are higher than other tools. They also utilize various car comparison tools; however, they do not contain a used cars marketplace.

The Gold Book

The Gold book by Sanford Evans provides two English publications that have almost similar details as the other books. The OLDER (1999 to 2008) and the USED (2009 to 2015) car value estimator integrate to cover a longer duration, i.e., 17 model years, which is longer than the other books. The USED car estimator costs $27 or $94 annually and is usually produced monthly. On the other hand, the OLDER guide costs $31 or $84 annually and is published quarterly.


Carputty is one of the car finance companies with a V3 Valuation tool that enables you to determine the price fluctuation and value of your car. It provides you with the opportunity to sell your vehicle at the best suitable time. Carputty utilizes information from different dealerships, auctions, and personal car traders to determine your car value effectively.

Despite the availability of various tools to estimate the value of cars, they are not the same. It is because each guide applies different criteria to determine the car value. KBB is usually termed the most effective and accurate tool to use. It uses real-time cars to collect costs from various franchised and independent dealers, wholesale auctions, manufacturers, rental fleets, and other sources to provide the most reliable value estimation. Experts advise acquiring the guide for the market value instead of the vehicle's book estimate. The market values are more reliable based on what the consumers are willing to pay.

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