Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer Before You Start The Project

Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer Before You Start The Project

Taking care of your property begins from the top down. Roofs protect your property from wind, water, and hail damage, but they do take a beating in the process. Once installed, a quality roof should last you for many years, even decades, which means that you want to be happy with the materials and installation techniques that the company uses from the very beginning. These questions are all great places to start with getting to know how to prepare for your roofing repair or replacement project.

What Experience Do You Have?

The answer to this question speaks volumes regarding how a company does business. A roof repair company should be fully licensed and insured. You should also hear that they take steps to make sure that their team is fully trained and qualified to handle everything from minor repairs to full roof installations. Ideally, the company should also have many years of experience in providing reputable services to your community.

What Types of Repairs Does My Roof Need?

Once you find a good roofing company, you’ll want to know that you can rely on them for your future needs. In addition to putting on the roof, you may need them to repair broken gutter systems or replace a soffit that has water or wind damage. Roofers that provide the full scope of services can ensure that every part of your project is properly completed and that they can help you maintain your new roof in the future.

What Is the Time Frame for My Project?

It takes time to put on a new roof, especially if you have a large building. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about the project taking so long that you have to weather a rainstorm without a roof covering your property. While some roofs can be put on in a day, others might take a week or so. Knowing this beforehand helps you to prepare for when the roofers will be working and choose a timeline for the project that fits the current weather forecast.

What Issues Might Increase the Project Price?

Getting a quote from several different roofers will often be your first step. However, after you pick a contractor and they begin the project, you may find that it becomes more expensive than originally projected. This will happen if roofers find more damage than they expected, especially in the deeper layers of your roof. You’ll see damage on your shingles and some of the other external roof elements, like ridge caps and flashing, but as your contractors pull up shingles, they might find unexpected water damage or other types of damage in the underlayment, water barrier, or decking. They can’t ignore the damage and simply put shingles over it because this could diminish the integrity of your roof and could mean that you need more repairs soon.

When you're talking with your contractor about prices, ask about what common problems could result in a higher cost than you expected. They’ll be familiar with the types of damage that are common in your area. With that information, they can suggest a possible upper limit for the work, and you can build a cushion into your budget for the project. Remember that you should always plan a cushion into your project budget for any renovations you do.

Are There Any Changes I Should Make to My Daily Routine?

Professional roofers try to make the installation or repair process as seamless as possible. Yet, you may still need to plan to make a few changes in your daily routine. For instance, you might prefer to be at your house when the roofers arrive, or you might want to plan your child’s nap time for their lunch break when your house is quieter. Knowing these types of things ahead of time helps you to be prepared for dealing with minor changes in your schedule.

You can get a good sense of how a roofing company handles projects by observing how they work during the planning stages. Professional roofers use modern technology to accurately measure your roof so that you know they’ll arrive with the right materials promptly. They’ll also be comfortable answering all of your questions until you are satisfied that you know what to expect. By making sure that you know how and when the project will take place, you can sit back and enjoy watching the new roof go on while feeling confident that it will hold up under the next big storm.

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