A 4-Step Maintenance Plan To Make Your Relationship Strong!

A 4-Step Maintenance Plan To Make Your Relationship Strong!

The early stage of a couple's relationship is loaded with affection, excitement, and enthusiasm. However, as we move onto the general routine of everyday life, personal stuff begins to sneak in, and we can find ourselves struggling in the face of emotional withdrawal, escalating conflict, hurt sentiments, and boredom.

To maintain a strong foundation of your relationship, it is essential to learn how to deal with such situations. After all, making and keeping happy and healthy relationships is not a 'piece of cake.'

This article outlines a 4-step maintenance plan suggested by Chicago's best couples therapist that proves useful to keep your relationship going strong!

  1. Use Boredom As A Call To Action

Have you ever seen anyone raise their hand and say, "Sign me up for a boring relationship"?

Absolutely not...

Boredom is an early warning which indicates that your relationship needs to be re-energized. So, don't take it lightly.

Think of boredom as a call to action to become curious about your partner. Find out more about him or her -- the things that they fear, the things they hope for, or childhood experiences that shaped them.

Another good exercise is for you to pen your relationship story, focusing on the positives, then share it with your partner.

2. Try New Things

Keep it interesting and recapture the early relationship magic. One of the best ways to do that is to engage in new and challenging activities rather than staring at your phones.

Couples should smash their routine and try something different. It could be as easy as trying a new restaurant or even a new cuisine at a favorite place. Trying new or unusual things not only helps you grow as a couple but also helps you both to grow individually.

Craft a list of activities, pick one and plan a time to do it.

3. Schedule Downtime

In this busy, chaotic world, scheduling downtime is necessary for good people and relationship health.

Cave into guilty pleasures such as watching a rom-com movie together. Watching a romantic film gives couples a less threatening way to discuss relationship issues, and it may also help them to see their relationship in a new way.

So, grab a spot on the couch and have a movie night once a month.

4. Be "The One" To Attract "The One."

Many people are searching for “The One.” Remember to also be “The One,” meaning strive to be the best version of yourself. This applies to those in long-term relationships.

Self-care -- such as healthy eating, exercise, spirituality, and developing your mind -- feeds your dopamine (the “happy hormone”). The happier you feel, the happier your relationship will be. The good feelings you feel about yourself can lead to happier moments together and help you both to manage conflict.

The Bottom Line:

If you are finding yourself drifting apart, seek Chicago's best couples therapist or attend a couples workshop. Gain a roadmap for a healthy, happy long-lasting relationship.

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