10 Upgrades To Make Your Home More Luxurious

10 upgrades to make your home more luxurious

Even if your dream home is too expensive for you (well, the one with floor-to-ceiling windows, silk carpets, and a bathtub with a waterfall), that doesn't mean your house and interior has to look cheap. There are many design tricks available that you can use to make your home feel nobler and more expensive than it really is. We prepared for you 10 tips to achieve that. Read on!

1. Vigorously Combine Different Textures And Prints To Create A Multi-Layered Feel

Bring an eye-catching sophistication to your interiors by combining bold textures and prints. For example, match your sofa with patterned and printed throw pillows (striped, floral, or animal) and a textured throw blanket for a finished composition that looks expensive.

2. Add A Couple of Lamps

Add a couple of lamps

In designer interiors, artificial lighting is always thoughtful and always multi-level. If it's too late to create smart lighting scenarios, then you just need to buy additional floor lamps or table lamps. You will see, in soft and pleasant light, the interior will be transformed and sparkle in a new way. It is better not to be shy and buy lamps with large lampshades/shades. Black and colored lampshades will look very expensive, but whites will create the most pleasant lighting. When buying a lamp make sure that it goes well with the rest of the interior.

3. Colour Makes A Big Difference

A radical, affordable, and very effective way to "show off" is to paint walls or furniture, or even an exterior facade, in some complex color. Luxury home builders specialists Gold Coast say that a color can have a big impact on the perception of a house.

A good choice can be black, grey, olive, malachite, etc. A couple of weekends, with the help of a like-minded person and good paint (for example, chalk) and you will see how much the house will change as a whole.

4. Use Chic Candles

Use chic candles

Candles that smell good and look elegant, always delicately decorate the interior and create the right first impression of the home. They can also add additional soft light when needed. Light them up and enjoy. Just don't forget to be careful and not leave them unattended. 

5. Personalise The Interior

Add plants, vases, books, paintings, and other small objects that you really like, which may have some kind of history, to the interior. So the space will seem habitable, and therefore more luxurious. Most decor items (including candles) are best bought in pairs or groups.

6. Large Mirrors

Large mirrors reflect light, create an optical illusion of spaciousness, and simply look luxurious. Swap your regular bathroom mirror for a more interesting one. In the bedroom, living room, or hallway, you can put a beautiful full-length mirror or hang a figured mirror on the wall. You will see the effect immediately!

7. Pay Attention To The Windows

People often neglect the design of windows, and in fact, they greatly affect the perception not only of the exterior but the interior as well. Make sure that your window frames go with the style you choose. Also, pay attention to its color. It is not necessary to buy expensive curtains - plain curtains made of semi-natural fabric that drape well, or neat Roman curtains will do the trick.

8. Change Furniture Fittings

Handles often give out mediocrity and cheapness of furniture. Just replace the existing standard handles with better or more unusual ones. Agree, it's much easier and cheaper than buying new furniture.

9. Use Fresh Flowers For An Instant “Luxurious  Home” Effect

Use fresh flowers for an instant “luxurious  home” effect

Have you ever noticed that all professional photographs of beautiful interiors always contain fresh flowers? Decorators always select bouquets in advance and use them for filming - with them, the frames become more juicy and lively. Use this trick when meeting guests, planning home parties, or just wanting to cheer yourself up.

10. Get Rid of The Excess Things

Examine your space and get rid of things that have already outlived their usefulness, do not match the color scheme of the interior, are worn out, and you just don't like anymore. You don't have to throw them away, you can just move them to another room or sell them. Remember, too many things make the space feel cluttered.


As you can see, just a few simple tricks can completely transform your home and the space in which you live. It only takes a little willpower and imagination. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and redecorate!

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