Signs Of Water Leak In Your Bathroom And How To Fix It

Signs of water leak in your bathroom and how to fix it

Even with the normal operation of all equipment in the bathroom, this room is in the constant presence of high humidity. This is due to water procedures and the formation of condensation on the pipes. But when plumbing communications begin to leak water due to a malfunction, then not just an unpleasant situation is created, but the risk of flooding both your apartment and others located on the lower floors. It is necessary to quickly find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Leaking From A Siphon Or Faucet

Leaking from a siphon or faucet

When signs of water leakage appear in the bathroom, the diagnosis of communications begins with two main nodes responsible for the flow of water and its drain - these are the faucet and the siphon.

If the faucet in the bathroom is leaking, then the hot and cold water mixer most often fails. In this case, part of the liquid flows imperceptibly down the pipe, bypassing the sink or bathtub. Depending on the crane model, you will have to completely replace it or replace the worn rubber gasket in it.

There are times when a leak appears due to mechanical damage to the body, as well as clogging of cartridge or ball elements with salt deposits. If you know how your device of a particular tap is made and how it works, you can turn off the water and assess the degree of its malfunction by untwisting the main assembly unit.

The siphon may not be able to cope with draining the waste fluid in case of wear or cracks in parts. Sometimes the sump is clogged, or the seal is displaced. Depending on the reason, it may be enough to clean the siphon, replace or correct the position of the O-ring, but the worn-out equipment will have to be glued or replaced.

Cleaning The Drain Device

In the case when the water leak in the bathroom appears due to a clogged siphon, you can eliminate this trouble by cleaning it. This problem is especially common and every homeowner, knowing the features of his plumbing, uses a mechanical or chemical method for cleaning drain pipes. To dissolve substances adhering to the inner surface of the tubes, household chemicals specially designed for this purpose are used. For manual cleaning of the siphon, it will have to be disassembled, having previously substituted a basin or other container, since it may contain residual liquid and dirt.

Repair of the siphon in the bathroom

When, as a result of dismantling the drain siphon under the bathtub or sink, wear of the O-ring is revealed, then the matter may be limited to its replacement. But this does not help if, during operation, a loose connection of drainage pipes and elements appears.

If it is impossible to quickly replace the entire siphon, you can use a sealant that is applied to the problem area over the seal using electrical tape or rope tow. A siphon leak at the junction of the overflow and drain pipes can be sealed with liquid glass, which is applied over the cement mortar. Silicate glue reliably protects cement from water and cracks. When the thread at the connecting joints is not tightly twisted, you can grease it with a sealing paste or wrap it with silicone tape, and then screw it back up again, starting to use the drain sometime after the various adhesive materials have hardened.

Since in most cases the leak in the bathroom appears due to a malfunction of the siphon, it must be inspected and cleaned preventively so that the deformations do not turn out to be more serious.

Elimination of leaks in pipes

Elimination of leaks in pipes

Metal pipes in the bathroom are subject to oxidation, corrosion, and mechanical stress. They can periodically fail and leak water. On a cast-iron pipe, a leak that has appeared can be repaired with cement mortar.

The work should be carried out as follows:

Cut off the water and clean the damaged area;

Prepare a mortar of cement and asbestos (7 parts X 3 parts) with water until a soft plasticine consistency is obtained;

Lubricate a piece of bandage or cotton cloth with the resulting solution and wrap the problem section of the pipe with it; Wait about 5 hours until the cement mass has completely hardened.

Another way to fix leaks in the bathroom is with a rubber band.

For work, you will need a metal clamp or wire, as well as a piece of soft rubber. A patch of such size must be cut out of the rubber material so that it overlaps the size of the leaky hole with a margin.

The rubber should be wrapped around the damaged section of the pipe, and on top of it tighten the plumbing clamp or steel wire. You can also firmly seal the fistula in the pipe by wrapping it with fiberglass glued to epoxy resin.

Sealing Gaps In The Bathroom

Sealing Gaps In The Bathroom

Often a small gap forms between the bathtub and the wall, through which, with each bath, part of the water flows down the wall onto the poorly ventilated part of the floor.

A small gap can be neutralized with a silicone-based sealant or foam.

The long distance of the plumbing from the wall will have to be repaired with a purchased plastic overlay or a border on an adhesive backing.

When using pieces of considerable width between the wall and the bathroom, small gaps should also be sealed with silicone or other types of sealed putty.

There are both very worn-out pipelines and low-quality new materials that periodically fail. To know what to do in case of damaged pipes or how to fix a current bathroom faucet, you should always have a small plumbing kit in stock. Or an even better solution. Make sure to always have several good professionals. Canberra plumbers experts can always help you out with leakage problems. In the first case, your kit may include replacement tap and siphon gaskets, an adjustable wrench, rubber patch flaps, pipe clamps or clamps, glue, fiberglass, and other materials. You will also need skills in working with these objects in the need to quickly solve the problem.


Leaking in the bathroom can be a big problem, and it is very important to react in time. If you notice a malfunction, try to solve the problem as soon as possible. In cases when you are not sure of your abilities or the malfunction is too serious for you, make sure to contact professionals as soon as possible so that the situation does not get worse.

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