How to Find a Leak When You Suspect One in Your House?

How to Find a Leak When You Suspect One in Your House?

When you think of a water leak in your home, chances are you assume it will be very obvious. However, that is not always true. In fact, many water leaks in homes happen in well-hidden places, making it more difficult than you may think to detect the area where the leak is occurring. But if you're positive a leak exists, you can become a plumbing sleuth and not stop until you have solved the mystery. To emerge from this scenario a success, here are some methods you can use to find a suspected leak in your home.

Monitor Your Water Bill

If you start noticing your water bill is going higher and higher, you've probably got a leak somewhere in your home. But to be sure, check your bill for two or three consecutive months, especially during times when you are sure you have not used any more water than usual. If it's still high, a leak exists somewhere.

Check Appliances and Fixtures

Should you begin to see puddles forming around the bases of toilets and bathtubs or notice the inside of your cabinets that are under sinks are starting to get wet, it's almost certain you've got a leak. If you think you've located the source of the leak, try turning off the water supply valve to prevent further damage and mess. If you don't, you may be calling an emergency plumber for the lake you may find in your kitchen or bathroom.

Water Stains

When walls and ceilings in your home start showing stains that are either yellow or brown, this means they are water stains that have resulted from a leak. In many homes, water will leak behind drywall and then soak through to the front of the wall.

Listen to the Drip

Many times when a leak seems to be determined to stay hidden, you can locate the source by listening for dripping sounds that are happening inside walls, ceilings, or other areas of your home. Though it may take you some time to finally figure out where the leak is originating, once you do you'll have a much better idea how to get the problem fixed.

Since even a small leak can waste thousands of gallons of water each year, don't assume any leak occurring in your home is not a potentially serious problem. Along with higher water bills, your home could also be damaged in many ways. To prevent this from happening, get a plumber on the job immediately.

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