Shall I Repair An iPhone Screen Or Buy A New One?

Shall I Repair An Iphone Screen Or Buy A New One

Nowadays, most people are gadget lovers, and if you are among them then you can feel how bad it is when a gadget drops and breaks! Yes, we understand how it feels when your iPhone shows up with issues! That feeling is horrible and is no less than getting anxiety attacks! Dangers come suddenly within the blink of your eyes. Nobody can prevent that! But wait! Though you can not resist that, you can repair that – right? 

So what to worry about? If your iPhone has been dropped by you, you need not be stressed thinking of buying a new one! You can simply fix these problems by walking towards an iPhone Repair Service Centre Singapore. This will be profitable for you as well. 


So today let's get to know the seven advantages of fixing your iPhone, or simply why to go for an iPhone Screen repair

1. Insurance Reduces The Repair Cost: 

Who does not get insurance for such an expensive gadget? Everyone does it! So what is the meaning of getting insurance if you are not using that at urgent times? 

By using the insurance, the repair charge of your iPhone's screen decreases a lot compared to buying another. When you buy an iPhone, Apple provides a warranty for sure! So just make use of that. It will help you save a lot from your budget!

2. Benefit of Having AppleCare+ :

Have you ever heard about AppleCare+? If not, then listen carefully. AppleCare+ is an insurance policy for Apple products. It is exactly the same as other policies where you pay a certain amount of premium for protecting your assets. 

Once you start doing it, the Apple iPhone Repair Singapore will come with AppleCare+, every time you will need it. This will make the repair cost almost free. By then you will feel your profit of repairing your iPhone's screen over purchasing a new phone.  So it’s better to have AppleCare++ insurance.

3. Better Than Buying a Refurbished Phone: 

Maybe you are thinking of taking a refurbished iPhone because of the broken screen of your old one. But wait for a second! Have you ever thought that even a refurbished iPhone may exceed the price of repairing the screen? Yes, that is true. If you ever walk down to buy a refurbished iPhone, you will be shocked at that point for sure! 

The price of a refurbished iPhone is two times more than the screen repair cost. Do not trust us, check with your nearest store!

4. Same Features As a New iPhone Model:

Don't miss the biggest advantage of using an iPhone!!!

You probably know that the iPhone is not like other android companies that keep updating the features with every new launch. Apple products keep the same features in their every model, at least for longer durations than that of Android sets! At the best repair centres of Singapore, like that ours, you can get an open price quoted for your damage. So don't hesitate before contacting iPhone Repair Service Centre Singapore for fixing such screens. 

When you are getting everything exactly the same as your old phone, why will you buy a new one costing such a huge amount of money? Common sense Bro!

5. Pocket-Friendly Repair Cost: 

Everyone is not a millionaire and this is the reason we have to spend our money in a pocket-friendly way. But buying an iPhone and spending less money does not come together. So whenever the screen of your iPhone breaks, you may think of iPhone screen repair rather than spending all your money on a single phone. Believe it or not, spending every penny knowing your own limits is one of the most decent ways to lead a life. We, at Esmond, believe this and thus have come up with the most transparent pricing in entire Singapore!

6. Better Functionality Than a New One:

What do you think? If you buy a new iPhone thinking of better functionality, will that make any sense? If you are among such thinkers, don't make that mistake further in your life. 

There are various such cases where iPhones are sent for repairing the screens and come back functioning in a better way than it was earlier. So learn from it and give your old friend a chance to revive it, & yes we are talking about your iPhone!

7. Last But Not The Least, Huge Difference Between The Repairing Price And The Price of Buying a New iPhone: 

If you have come across all the points and still you are thinking of buying a new iPhone ignoring your old one just for the broken screen, the price difference will make you go shocked. 

Buying a new one costs three times more than repairing the old one's screen. So never embrace that path. Always think about your profit and do things according to that. 

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As iPhones are an expensive thing for everyone, we can not buy them randomly whenever we want. But don’t worry! Now you are well aware of the fact that going for an Apple iPhone Repair Singapore would be the best solution for you, instead of getting rid of the broken screen of your iPhone. Connect with us, at Esmond, and get the vast range of servicing and repairing services, and get the best deal repairing for your iPhone! To know more on why Esmond, check the link here.

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