Is It Worth Buying An Extended Warranty For Your iPhone?

Is it worth buying an extended warranty for your iPhone?

In India, iPhones are considered tech products with a niche market. Due to these devices’ hefty price tags, not every individual can afford an iPhone. Although newer options, such as the iPhone SE, are available at budget-friendly prices, premium models from the company cost approximately Rs.1 lakh.

Nevertheless, their sophisticated build is equally prone to accidental damage, involving a high repair cost. Such repair ends up adding unnecessary extra costs that one would want to avoid. With an extended warranty, individuals can prevent additional expenses in case of physical or software malfunction of the device. One can thus go for an iPhone warranty check from time to time to ensure the period’s validity at all times in case of such misfortunate damage.

What Is An Extended Warranty For An iPhone?

Most mobile phones come with a limited warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. It means that if your handset is damaged in its 13th month, you would need to bear additional expenses for repair. An extended warranty thus increases the period during which your phone is under warranty.

For iPhones, the company has a separate AppleCare+ facility, which extends its warranty to 2 years. The tenure of protection is calculated from the date of AppleCare+ purchase. With the iPhone warranty check facility, customers can thus quickly assess how long the warranty on their phone will last and opt for an extension right before the current warranty exhausts.

Benefits of Opting For An Extended Warranty

Buying an extended warranty for your iPhone makes you eligible for the following benefits –

       Priority access to customer care members, who are ready to resolve any issue you may be facing on your iPhone through chat or phone call.

       You do not need to visit an Apple store. Instead, representatives from the brand pickup your malfunctioning handset and repair it. Once such a repair is complete, this device is delivered to your home.

       If you reside in a metropolitan city, Apple also offers same-day service to extended warranty holders.

       Extended warranty for mobile includes coverage for the iPhone and its battery.

       In every 12-month period of the tenure, warranty holders can claim up to two incidents of accidental damage protection.

Keep in mind that in the case of screen damage repair, customers would need to bear an additional service fee of Rs.2,500. For any other type of damage repair, a charge of Rs.8,900 would be applicable. Nevertheless, this cost is just a fraction of the total repair cost that you would need to bear if your phone is not covered under an extended warranty.

You should also keep a regular idea of an extended warranty for a mobile device to know when it expires. Here is how you can check your iPhone’s warranty validity –

                 i.            Make a note of the iPhone’s IMEI number or serial number.

              ii.            Visit the warranty tracker website for Apple.

            iii.            Enter the IMEI number of your handset along with the captcha code.

           iv.            Click on continue.

Doing so should take you to the next page, where you can learn more about the iPhone warranty validity. It completes the procedure required for an iPhone warranty check.

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An extended warranty is a handy facility, especially for iPhone users. Staying updated with an iPhone warranty check from time to time will thus allow you to avail of an extension before the expiry of an existing warranty to keep your device covered at all times. 

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