AI Solutions For eCommerce CUI And Personalization

AI solutions for eCommerce CUI and personalization

When consumers are treated differently, they spend much more time in the store. A majority of shoppers—nearly 70% of returning customers—are more inclined to purchase additional products if their prior purchases are factored into product recommendations. Personalization is essential for online stores, and we hope you use it in yours.

How Personalization Affects User Engagement

This method is expected to contribute 15-40% to McDonald's annual revenue and is already a well-known cross-selling tactic. Thanks to this method, they can boost the average order value without figuring out what each consumer wants or needs.

How much better would your business be if you could customize recommendations to match every individual customer?

There's No Need To Worry About It.

Numbers don't lie. Using AI-powered product discovery tools, the Klevustartup helped a bedding and bath company increase sales.

Through the implementation of Smart Search: 

For your customers, their overall experience will be improved by offering the correct products at the right time, which will benefit your business because the conversion rates and ROI will be increased. This circumstance is beneficial for both of us.

AI-Driven Solutions For Personalized Content

Personalization focuses on finding where customers' interests lie and using this information to present them with relevant items. That could work. Every customer gets their account manager.

How Do You Do That With Multiple Consumers on Each Visit?

Here is where personalization tools assisted by ML technology make their mark. Personalization tools leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to gather and analyze consumer buying activity and give individualized product recommendations for consumers, providing a unique experience for every customer.

Some places where eCommerce customization can be found include:

1. Search

With this method, the customer's behavior is examined—what they search for and how they engage with the store—and the resulting search results are then optimized instantly.

Human language variations are essential, and several solutions use natural language processing (NLP) to identify the minor changes that make it different from other human languages.

NLP helps correct errors and understands consumer intent so that irrelevant results are not delivered (e.g., a smartwatch with a black strap vs. a black smartwatch strap).

Algolia and SearchNode is two possible options for your search problem. In addition, Algolia offers a recommendation API for hosting.

But there are also, many options, such as a single service that integrates various aspects of product recommendations, merchandising, and search. and Klevu are included in that list, which you will be able to view later.


SearchNode's search solution comes as a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, and it is tailored to fit individual businesses' needs. To properly customize their solutionfor eCommerce enterprises, they delve into the unique needs of each one. The AI Search Platform using advanced NLP algorithms enables natural search experiences for continuous self-learning.

After launching their software, SearchNode provides a Search Expert team that works long-term to ensure that the solution suits their customers' desires and requirements.


Algolia's hosted Search & Discovery APIs include tools for developers to create machine learning-powered suggestions. Algolia specializes in working with different types of software and giving personalized functionality regardless of the problem being solved.

Algolia Search optimization and search analytics are used together by businesses to supply clients with relevant product recommendations.

2. Product Recommendations

This solution provides recommendations based on the customer's interests, like those drawn from the customer's search history, purchases, pages viewed, and more.

Recommendations that emphasize products that offer value to the customer and were tailored based on what they wanted to find in the shop make cross-selling and upselling more efficient.

This is how an eCommerce site may display incredibly relevant product recommendations. These products will be shown under the categories "You may enjoy it as well," "Complete the look," and "Hand selected for you."'sClerkCore technology is known for having "an algorithm specifically created and customized to the needs of the current e-commerce company." employs it in their products to help enhance customer loyalty.'s services can generate more sales by improving personalization for online shops with features like personalized searches, improved product recommendations, more effective social media, and tailored emails. customer analytics allows firms to see the whole customer experience and purchase behavior—the time to do Magento 1/2 integration in 15 minutes. is completely simple to implement, making it the perfect choice for our Scandiweb customers.


Sooqr provides search-related and recommendation services. Fully automatic bids and manually defined conditions are supported. Sooqr is an extension for Magento 1/2 and other eCommerce platforms that is currently available.

3. Merchandising

This solution employs consumer behavior across the site to provide customers with highly relevant and valuable products. The personalization tool helps customers with recommendations based on shopping data, site searches, and past visits.

On category pages, the first row might display the highest-rated or most popular products by default. But more sophisticated merchandising technologies typically allow merchants to choose the products they want to highlight by hand.


"Klevu" is an "AI-powered discovery suite" that uses an AI eCommerce Personalization Engine to deliver three powerful benefits: Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, and Smart Recommendations.

Klevu's strengths include delivering rapid search results, consistent indexing, seamless updating of information, full tracking of a client's route from search to purchase, and around-the-clock customer service. To set up Klevu, users only need to add it as an extension to any Magento shop.


Attract offers a suite of AI-driven products for increased commercial growth for online retailers. These include search, merchandising, and personalization services. Businesses want to increase sales and customer satisfaction by streamlining the process of buying and understanding the motive and intent of their consumers, therefore delivering operational efficiency by automating various parts of the buying process.

Attraqt's merchandising system ranks and sorts products based on different standards for each company, aligning with a marketing strategy and commercial goals. Content is shown to visitors according to their intent and behavior, only if each page or collection defines conditions.


To continue with our discussion of this article, I'd like to take a moment to share a feature unique to Klaviyo's service; they focus on email marketing and SMS personalization.

Information on how customers behave, including habits such as buying, engaging with campaigns, and browsing online is used to develop product suggestions and projections for customers' expected value. The extensions for Magento 1/2 are all Klaviyo certified.

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