Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. What Can Its Combination Bring for Us?

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

AI-based analytics have created new doors for marketers to identify their target customer base more efficiently. All possible because of artificial intelligence services in marketing. Using and analyzing customers' data, AI identifies customer behavior and interacts with them on a more tailored and personalized level. The magical part is that it does not require human assistance to do this (living beings are not allowed here).

But What Artificial Intelligence Really is?

Artificial intelligence, or call it AI to save some milliseconds, is a table with different dishes placed on it. They all are put together to learn and mimic human behavior on their own to build their intelligence level. As more data fed into the systems, the systems become better and even start outperforming real humans after some time. They become so accurate that we begin to trust them more than any other being.

Examples from Real Life

Various examples are here surrounding you. Let’s have a look at some.

  • Smart compose in Gmail, which reads your typed words and offers you suggestions based on that. Basically, it is an AI.
  • AI in Facebook to detect a person in an image then recommend a tag.
  • Self-operating vehicles that observe surroundings detect and differentiate between living and nonliving objects to drive safely.
  • Google assistant understands human's natural language and performs a task according to it.

Artificial Intelligence Use to Marketers

The term used herein marketing is artificial intelligence marketing. It is an approach to harness computer power and machine learning algorithms to enhance marketing campaigns for achieving a company’s objective more smartly.

Compared to the traditional tools, AI can analyze massive datasets at once. Standard tools may have access to enormous datasets, but they are not smart enough to digest all at once and produce something compelling. They also cannot recognize the data context. On the contrary, AI-based tools offer great clarity to the marketing team by gathering everything in one place to make things easy for the team. It analyzes the data, learns and understands it, then offers insights and predictions based on learning.

Essential Benefits AI Bring to Marketers

Every marketer or marketing team makes an effort to maximize profit. Once there was a saying, work hard to achieve big. But AI has changed this saying into work smart to gain more. So, why work hard. Let’s be smart by adopting the following AI ways in marketing strategies.

  • Data Analysis at Fast Rate

By adopting AI in the arsenal, marketers can visualize and interpret complicated datasets much faster than usual. Not only fast, but it is also a highly efficient and effective approach, able to gather hidden insights. By automating the analysis process, time gets reduced, resulting in launching more marketing campaigns and higher ROI at a significantly lower cost.

  • Improved Customer Segmentation

It is a customer segmentation that allows marketers to reach the right customer through the suitable platform, at the right time, with the right message. Segmentation can only be successful when the team has data on every single customer. But unfortunately, it is not a straightforward job to analyze customers on an individual basis. It is an exhausting and tedious task to perform for any marketing team.

Incorporating AI in the process can make things easier for everyone. AI will learn from the data in real-time and create segments based on customer action and change as the customer action changes. It will bring confidence to the marketer that their customers are obtaining customized, personalized, and relevant messages.

  • Making Ad Targeting Programmatic

The process refers to automating ad targeting via logical programming and software. Buying and selling advertisements via traditional channels is a tiresome process. It all starts with interacting with a sales representative, negotiating on contracts, and then things begin to work. However, digital marketing with AI can transform a tiresome process into an uncomplicated automated process.

With applications and websites’ cookies data of the user, AI can target them with the matched advertising criteria. Criteria can be set based on age, race, gender, location, and any other attribute. If the specified criteria get the match, a system will generate the ad on the users' side.

  • Analyzing Sentiments

Today, most people put reviews on the internet regarding their product experience, which results in rising sentiment analysis. Marketing teams need such information to analyze how the audience is reacting to their product and services.

It brings power to the marketer to make a more personalized ad and target the right customer. When they have information about their customer in hand, they have the more adaptive approach to meet the right target. Analyzing sentiments also allows determining how the product performs in the market and what can be improved further. You eventually get the real idea about what consumers think about your product.

  • Marketing via Email

Offering services and products through email is a traditional marketing approach to attract buyers. But not everyone opens such an email because everyone is not interested in it, so, sometimes efforts go in vain. However, taking help from AI here is a highly effective option to save some steps.

Through learning customer behavior and actions, AI could help the marketer make a customized email campaign. An email will automatically be sent when specific actions are triggered. With AI, email subject lines, matter, and product recommendations will generate automatically based on the analyzed consumer behavior.

A better-personalized recommendation means a better open rate. There will be an optimized campaign resulting in the maximized profit. A business would be able to hit the customer base with the right message. When the message is in the users' tone, they are most likely to open such texts and emails.

  • Raised Return on Investment

The maximum profit on minimum investment is every business' primary objective. Marketing department with AI can mold their campaigns consisting of insights and utilizing them in real-time to achieve this objective. AI brings intelligence and exact numbers to determine the allocation of resources, funds, and efforts to increase investment return (ROI). Remember a saying; success is directly proportional to hard work with smartness.


Artificial intelligence has vital significance for business growth and optimization. We are living in the web age, where data is everything and growing exponentially. Having an impactful business digital presence, capturing insights from the data sources is vital. Traditional approaches are no match here. To match the competition, your organization needs something more powerful to meet the competition, and AI is the one that holds the potential. Embrace it to ace the race.

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