10 Must-Have Business Casual Attires For Large & Tall Men

10 Must-Have Business Casual Attires for Large & Tall Men

It's easy to dress down for men who are tall or large, but what about the opposite? Want to be taken seriously in a business casual environment? Here are ten must-have business casual outfits for tall men.

1. The Chino & Dress Shirt Combo

This is a classic pairing that you'd see on anyone from Steve Carrel, to Donald Trump. It's simple, clean-cut, and can be worn for years without looking dated or out of style. This outfit works best when paired with shoes that are well-polished, but not shiny. This is one of those outfits that you can wear to almost any formal business occasion, be it a conference or an outdoor wedding; this outfit will work in both settings. Check out some of the big and tall jeans here. 

2. The Khaki Suit

The khaki suit is slightly more casual than the standard navy blue or black suits, but only slightly so. It still outranks a casual suit and is a step above a pair of slacks paired with a dress shirt. The look works best when the khaki color is subtle as well as the fabric, so it's important to buy a blend that does not feel excessively rough or look shiny.

3. The Casual Blazer

The casual blazer is a new addition to the business casual ensemble. The casual dress shirt comes typically with a polo-style collar as opposed to the traditional dress shirt wing collar and does not require cufflinks for men who don't want to wear them. This look works best when you pair it with jeans or chinos and some sort of boots, loafers, or oxfords.

4. The Polo Shirt & Chinos Combo

Polo shirts have grown in popularity as a business casual outfit, especially button-up polo shirts with a collar and three buttons. Paired with slacks or chinos, it makes for a great look that will keep you comfortable for most occasions.

The Polo Shirt & Chinos Combo

5. The Slacks & Shirt Combo

This look is perfect for the beginning business casual man who may not have to dress up often but wants to be prepared in case he must. A pair of slacks with a shirt that has either a single or double-button collar will keep you looking fresh and clean while still fitting in with business casual guidelines.

6. The Sport Coat & Dress Shirt Combo

A sports coat paired with a dress shirt is the perfect outfit for most semi-formal business occasions, whether it's an outdoor wedding or a day at the office. This look works best when combined with slacks that are dark-colored and either pleated or cuffed. This look also works best when combined with a pair of dress shoes that are polished to perfection.

7. The Polo Shirt & Slacks Combo

This is one of the more casual looks on this list, but it still outranks jeans, khakis, or shorts in the business casual department. As long as you keep your shirt tucked in and you pair the polo shirt with dark slacks, this look will work well for most business casual affairs.

8. The Dress Shirt & Jeans Combo

This is a simple outfit that is appropriate for almost all occasions that require a bit more casualties than your average dress shirt and slacks combination. However, it still outranks a pair of chinos or khakis and a dress shirt, so if you're pondering between one look over the other, opt for this outfit.

9. The Tweed Jacket & Dress Pants Combo

Tweed jackets are making a comeback in men's fashion after being absent from mainstream style for decades. This business casual outfit has three pieces, so it's definitely on the formal side. It works best when the pants are cuffed to break up all of the tweeds in one outfit, making it an appropriate choice for any business casual occasion that needs a more dressy look.

10. The Casual Shirt & Chinos Combo

While this look is not as formal as the first three, it works well for casual business occasions that are not too relaxed. Dark chinos or jeans paired with a lighter color dress shirt will keep you looking respectable while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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