Business Casual Fashion Ideas for Men


Business Casual Fashion Ideas for Men

A business casual outfit is a great complement to your business wardrobe. However, many professionals are not quite certain about what a casual business style constitutes. This article is a detailed guide on business casual style for men.

What Does Business Casual for Men Entail?

Business casual can be defined as typically a dressing code that is not entirely formal like the traditional office dress code. However, it is a style to render a business-like professional impression. Such a definition leaves enough room for various interpretations.

The term casual, in this case, does not mean you can wear the traditional casual pieces such as shorts, T-shirts, or sandals to your office on a business day. On the contrary, business casual connotes a more business-like look than its casual aspect.

Therefore, when going for a business casual code, you are expected to abide by the customary principles of sophistication and style. Although the business professional dress code was once characterized by oxford shirts and suit jackets, it is now advanced to more nuanced business styling.

A tailored blazer, for example, is a safe bet. Ties can be considered optional, but when you leave out this neckwear, you should make up for it with a fashion sense. Where your office's casual dress code allows a pair of jeans, always make sure you put on a nice pair of jeans. Otherwise, it's recommended that you buy quality trousers such as cotton chinos for an ensemble that is safe for the work environment.

On footwear, comfortable shoes such as monk straps, loafers, derbies, and oxfords are great options. Do not forget to ascertain that everything matches.

Business Casual Ideas for Men

At this point, we have established what a business casual fashion style is all about. To help you integrate this style in your business wardrobe, here are some ideas you can incorporate to transform your look and impression at work.

Business Casual Blazers

A blazer is a perfect piece for a business casual outfit. A nice men’s topcoat is one that has been custom-tailored to fit your body shape perfectly. It should tout a slim cut, a lapel stopping above the rear end, square fits resting on your shoulders, and sleeves that run to where your shirt cuff begins.

There is a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from, but I find the classic single-breast style made of light wool with notch or peak lapels a timeless piece. This blazer will keep you comfortable across all seasons. Dark or neutral colors are great for men's business casual. You can rock in this piece during office hours and even later in the evening after leaving the office.

If you are like dressing according to seasons, a tweed blazer is great for winter, and having it in a neutral dark color like grey or navy makes it more impressive. For warm seasons, quality linen or cotton blazers will do the trick just fine.

Business Casual Shirts

Having a quality button-down shirt underneath that blazer will rock your style. Business casual shirts have two seems at the back and should fit tightly to the frame and shoulders. If you are just starting out, you can choose monochromatic colors such as light blue, light white, or light pink. You can pick up brighter colors as you grow more confident. However, you should always keep your sense of fashion within reason.

A no-blazer outfit is another business casual style that's trendy currently. Some men will wear a button-down cardigan or light sweater. If you decide to go with the sweater, be sure to wear a collared shirt underneath, and if it's a cardigan, having a tie on is non-negotiable. To maintain a professional vibe, you should keep the armholes high.

Business Casual Pants

In today's office environments, it is not mandatory to wear suit pants. With a variety of options, however, you should always make sure that your business casual pants emanate intent, sharpness, and sophistication that matches the rest of your outfit.

A pair of mid-weight chinos with a neutral aesthetic and flat fronts is a great starting point. But if you decide to go with a pair of denim, make sure it's high quality. In most cases, the pair of pants you wear determines the footwear style.


The traditional all professional dressing style has been outlived, and flexibility has set foot in the business fashion domain. You want to look sharp and sophisticated with some casual tone in your office attire. This is all achievable with a business casual fashion style.

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