Top-Rated Web Development Trends In 2021 That Need To Be Followed

Top-Rated Web Development Trends In 2021

There are around 1.86 billion websites online all across the world. All are created with the purpose of meet target audience requirements, generate traffic, create leads, and increase the company’s ROI.

Every website has its own importance, relevance, and objective to achieve. And, every platform is different in its approach to achieve a specific goal. Out of many differences, one thing which is common across billions of websites is to be found easily on the internet.

One of the best way to be found is by following the latest and the top web development trends in 2021. It is because of the fact that technology keeps on changing and evolving with time and user’s requirements. So, website

owners need to instill trendy features and technologies in their platforms to stay ahead of the competition.

For this purpose, we have enlisted the top 6 web application development trends in 2021 that must be adopted to stay competitive.

Top-Notch Web Development Trends

1. Highly Responsive Website

It is important for a website to be interactive because users love to explore a website that has an easy navigational flow. No matter, whichever the device, a website should run smoothly while capturing the attention of the targetted users.

Thus, responsive & interactive website trends emerge high in 2021. It is necessary for website owners to create or revamp their website according to desktop and mobile usage and offer a seamless approach to view products and services.

Collectively, there are three options to look for while creating a highly responsive website, the mobile-friendly site, Responsive Web Design (RWD), and desktop website.

2. Single-Page Websites 

Single page websites are gaining widespread popularity among users due to easy navigational flow, fast way to get information, and know about the brand quickly.

If you want to create a portfolio website, freelancing platform, brochure website, startup site, or any product-specific website, then single page website trends work for you to take little space on the website and receive more traffic.

The very trend of the single-page website is synonymous with the popularity of Single Page Applications. Creating a one-page website takes less development time and creates an easy flow for users to acquire the relevant information instead of clicking on multiple buttons and refer to several pages.

3. Dark Mode For User-Friendly Experience

The dark mode website is one of the recent trends which is reigning high across the web ecosystem. It has been experienced that dark-themed websites make it simple for users to access the same on any device with information clearly visible.

On top of that, dark mode sites possess less strain on the eyes of users. It works efficiently in low-light conditions with little brightness required. Additionally, a dark-themed website provides a stylish outlook to UI/UX.

If you think carefully, then popular platforms like Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, and several others are available in dark themes.

4. Voice UI Integration

When we talk about trends and we mean heading towards the future by adopting new & popular technical means. As with the future of web development, Voice UI is one of the fastest-growing trends in 2021. It is because websites today have become more voice-searched than text-based only.

Since, all are living under the age of voice recognition powered devices like Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and more. It is not wrong to say the fact that voice search is the new way of offering products/services on the business website.

Website owners can implement the technology of speed recognition on-site to ease up searching, product viewing, and service offering.

5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

If you are familiar with platforms like Twitter, Uber, and others, then you must have experienced an excellent user experience, fast response time, offline access, etc. Such are the features of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that have been running trending for quite some time.

PWAs provide both the native application and classic website experience to users. These work extensively offline, offer fast loading time, responsiveness, and an app-like experience to users.

So, walk with the latest trend of PWA for making your site compatible like the same and ensure high traffic from the targetted segment.

6. AI-Powered Chatbots

Bots are rapidly entering the spaces of websites and offer a 24/7running customer service experience. Conversational Chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence is an ongoing trend that helps users to get all the information about a particular brand. More & more, B2C companies like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, and others are already making the best out of Chatbot with AI to solve real-time user issues.

Website owners can adopt this rising web development trend of 2021 to solve users issues in no time, decrease drop off rates, increase trust, and acceptance towards the brand.

Final Note

2021 is going to be fast, profit-driven, and eye-catchy for websites. It will be important to transform your site according to the latest web development trends and reign supreme in the competition.

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