Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

Rolex watches for women and men are incredibly sought-after pieces in the world. The brand has an amazing track record and nothing can beat its horological precision and craftsmanship. Rolex is incredibly unisexual and a good collection of women’s Rolex watches come in timeless designs and sizes.

Intrigued by their style and passion, people have often tried finding out their secrets of watchmaking. Of course, they have many and dates back to the time when they began the process of watchmaking in the year 1915 after registering his company under the trademark of Rolex.

But when it comes to knowing the secrets of Rolex watches for women, here is something that might interest you.

1.       The Rolex Oyster collection acts as a jewelry piece cum watch and is extremely popular among women.

But, did you know the oyster collection is a completely water-resistant model? Rolex performs pressure tests on all its watches which includes several steps. Placing the watch in an air pressure chamber to spot air leakages is a process that secures your watch so incredibly.

The oyster case was made by Rolex in 1926 and the making is patented wherein the bezel, crown and the case back are screwed to the middle case. This is how your watch becomes waterproof and Rolex was the first company to mass-produce water-resistant watches in those times.

Do you have one of those oyster collections of Rolex watches for women? Knowing their making can only make you wear it with pride. The 10 different parts are solitarily screwed into the watch case one by one making it entirely waterproof.

2.      Did you know Rolex also makes its gold? These Rolex watches for women which are resplendent in designs carved in gold or rose gold, come from their making and in-house production. So, not only are its parts manufactured within the company but the gold you love so much is also manufactured within the four walls of the company. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, that’s how they work, so next time you buy a Rolex model, remember it’s making and the gold inlay for it comes with the watch and is 100% genuine as is the watch.

3.      Rolex has gone as much and as much down as possible. It went up to Mount Everest with Sir Edmond Hillary and then went down with the US Navy’s Bathyscape Trieste (up to 35000 feet). Under the waters, the watch was subjected to a 14000-psi pressure and yet it came out as new as ever.

James Cameroon took an experimental model of Rolex with him when he traveled as deep as 12000 meters (39370 meters) into the Mariana trench. So, if you’re an adventurer at heart and wish to carry one of them with you always you can try their extensive collections of specially made Rolex watches for women.

Some astonishing facts which write most wonderful Rolex stories. Rolex watches for women have evolved over the ages and you got to buy one to know it's worth it.

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