Boys Must Have These Watches in 2020

Boys Must Have These Watches in 2020

Time management is a quality that everyone should focus on to maximize their efficiency in daily routines. It also helps with planning and makes our lives organized. So, boys should have a nice and reliable watch which will help them in time management and organizing their life.

Watches typically are categorized into 5 classes viz. Men, Women, Boys, Girls, and Kids. Very few watches are there that can be worn by anyone, these are called unisex watches. When you are buying a watch for boys from the best online watch store, you should focus on the design as well as the features it includes.

Sports Watch

The sports watch is an ideal watch for boys. Typically, sports watches have digital displays with a backlight LED, stopwatch, chronograph, and alarm function. This makes the sports watch perfect for indoor as well as outdoor sports for boys. Moreover, sports watches have some extra features such as pedometer, activity tracker, altimeters, and heart rate monitors, to mention a few.

In addition to that, sports watches are water and dust resistant making them suitable for use anywhere. So, you do not need to worry about the watch while surfing, swimming, taking showers, and washing hands. Before reading further, Buy Casio G Shock Online to choose the sports to watch perfect for your kid.

The sports watches are designed to withstand bumps and scratches. The durable material is tough enough to keep the watch safe and the scratch-resistant glass keeps the watch as new even after months of usage.

The rubber straps are flexible yet very durable so that it does not break during sports activities of the kids. The rubber used in straps is hypoallergenic to be worn by anyone even with sensitive skin.


Smartwatches are a comparatively recent technology. Smartwatches can perform all the functions of a normal watch and are trendier these days. Smartwatches have an LCD display with a touchscreen to operate. You can connect your smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth and be able to make and receive calls and text messages.

Some smartwatches even have SIM card slots to use the smartwatch as your phone. Smartwatches have an easy-to-use operating system with tons of apps such as a calendar, calculator, heart rate monitors, music apps, and even a camera for taking pictures and recording videos.

The smartwatches look great on a kid’s wrist, a variety of designs and sizes are available in smartwatches to select the watch that best suits your kid’s wrist.

However, smartwatches are not that durable if compared to sports watches. Care must be taken while wearing a smartwatch. But the positive thing is that smartwatches are repairable and if something gets faulty, it can be replaced.


Sports watches and smartwatches both have the features necessary for your kid’s activities. Boys need sports watches during sports activities such as running, football, cycling, swimming, or any other sport. While they should have a smartwatch for their routine activities.

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