How To Make Your Content Unique Using Online Content Optimization Tools?

How to make your content unique using online content optimization tools

Generating content for the web is commonly taken as the most effective strategy to drive target traffic and get revenues. That is the reason almost all businesses are now investing money in producing unique and original content for their websites.

As there is no single metric on which Google relies, it generally uses numerous filters to show only the most relevant and credible results to users. For this reason, it is important for a firm to attain the highest rating possible for the content pieces it publishes each day for the readers.

Undoubtedly, the first page of the search engines gets 90% of the web traffic so your content must be unique, relevant, original, and authentic so that it can stand out on the top pages of search engines.

Here content optimization is significant as it helps your blog in appearing on the top pages of the search engine result when it is well optimized and reaches the standards of Google policies.

In this article, we are going to discuss the concept of content optimization, as well as several content optimization strategies. We'll also look at a few tools that can assist streamline the content-generating and optimizing process.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization is a term used for employing several techniques and strategies to make content more efficient, accurate, and actionable. It is also important to attract both the readers as well as Google.

Putting simply, it covers a bundle of techniques to apply on your blogs or articles to put your content on top pages such as;


         Writing a captivating meta description


         Boosting the readability score


         Optimizing the keyword relevance rating


         Integration of useful internal links


         Addition of primary keywords

It is far more possible that optimized content will rank higher in the search results and higher rankings contribute to more customers, revenue, and profits.

Online Content Optimization Tools

Google Search Console

It is one of the most important SEO optimizing tools and all SEO strategies are absolutely dependent on this tool. Your website's efficiency may be tracked with Google Search Console, which provides a variety of tools and statistics.

         Checks website ownership

         Ensures that Google will reach your page or content

         Facilitate mobile usability and checks errors

         Evaluate the overall performance of the website

By using this tool, you will find out which pages are doing well, which keywords people are using to find your content, and how many pages have been sorted so far in Google's index. From here, it'll be much easy to adjust the content strategy and make it more focused, unique, and exceptional.


The importance of doing a competitive analysis is similar to that of determining which text must be optimized. Unfortunately, there aren't any tools that you can employ to do this.

SEMrush is one of the safest options when it comes to keeping an eye on your competition. A full domain analysis will be provided, including the keywords your rival is performing well for, if they're running a paid search campaign, the amount and types of backlinks they have, and the top organic competitors of the domain.

For SEO editors, content selection is critical. The use of curation platforms makes it simpler to search for relevant content and curate ideas, as well as to arrange all of the data in an efficient manner.

         Helps to find you great and most relevant content

         It's smart calendar shows you when to plan content for your blog, social platforms, and newsletters using an advanced calendar that you can access from anywhere.

         Content is customized and appropriate to your requirement, and you're guaranteed to have a rich editorial line since its technology searches more than 20 million online sites.

         Scoop has an auto-scheduler that will distribute your generated or curated material across all of your channels. Using the software, you may automate repetitive tasks and focus on the other essential stuff.


It is one of the most popular sites for content optimization. You may submit your own links or arrange the material that others are providing. A free version of is available, you can also avail a premium one with some extra features, based on your level of commitment and the features you require

Most of the content optimization tools offer an integrated plagiarism checker too, however, in the case when you are using a source that does not have a plagiarism checker, then you must choose to check plagiarism software for evaluating your content for a duplicate.

Check plagiarism is an AI-based plagiarism detector tool that quickly scans your content for copied or duplicate content. Its fastest results help you know-how much you are producing unique content.

 The tool is particularly significant for students, writers, and bloggers as it is completely free to use. You can check bundles of content instantly by using this tool.

It is one of the finest content writing editors that assist in producing readable content. Online Text Editor Editpad is useful in content writing when content optimization tools offer an editor that is too sophisticated.

It is a free-of-cost editor that creates unique and plagiarism-free content fast. It not only helps in creating content but also rewrites content with best-fitted alternative synonyms.


Woorank is a great resource for tracking down all SEO activities on your website. This SEO analysis tool not only helps to evaluate overall website performance but is also important for generating reports.

The tool offers its free services for one month only after that you need to pay for additional services. Its upgraded plan provides analytical results for multiple websites.

You can identify the strengths and weak points of your website’s SEO campaign. Moreover, you can have a better idea of managing keywords intensity, how well your digital marketing strategies are going, and where your website stands in the online market.

Writing a blog or article is not always enough for SEO purposes. Google prefers content having multimedia and visuals so you must take care of it for a successful SEO campaign.

For SEO experts, who do not know about integrating infographics in their content and taking it a too difficult task. This amazing tool makes it easy for graphic designers to use infographics and charts in content for the user’s attention.


Using a tool for a winning headline is also contributing a vital role in content optimizing strategy and the headline studio is offering the best option on the internet.

Choose an attractive headline for our blog or article and put it in headline studio, it will grade your headline out of 100 and bring up the most suitable one for you.

The score determines the uniqueness and quality of your content headlines for absolutely free. However, you can access its paid version for additional features.


Every writer, blogger, and SEO expert is well known for this wonderful gadget to ensure that their content is unique and original. This tool scans your text files and highlights all grammatical, spelling, and typo errors so that you can eliminate mistakes.

The good thing about the tool is that it also offers suggestions and you can just correct all errors with a single click. The tool is available in extensions for chrome, safari, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

Over To You

Content competition in the digital market is rising day by day and it seems like it is not going anywhere soon. So, it is better to work on learning and understanding content optimization.

Content optimization is not easy without using tools: the above-mentioned tools make the whole process smoother and more effective.

These tools must be on the priority list of content writers and marketers as they would make your content more google friendly and valuable.

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