How To Develop Solid Content Plan For SEO Campaign?

How to Develop Solid Content Plan for SEO Campaign?

Content Planning

In an SEO campaign, a large amount of focus is given to content, and rightly so. The only thing people value these days is content. Whether it is a big brand reaching out to its many followers and fans or a small startup seeking to establish its presence in the market, only and only content is the way to get through to a given set of audiences.

Beginners, however, mischaracterize the role of content in meeting a marketing goal. Content does not directly draw in website traffic. For instance, if the goal of an SEO campaign is lead generation, digital marketers would invest their resources in creating engaging content. However, content creation doesn’t directly improve lead generation. First, a website has to get a high ranking on a search result. Then a visitor coming to the website has to find the content engaging enough to fill up a query form or subscribe to a newsletter.

To get a high search ranking, a website has to clear options – create engaging content and attain relevant backlinks. Both content writings are link-building are important concepts in any given SEO course. From an online training program to an SEO course in Delhi, both these concepts are given ample time.

In this article, we will only discuss the merits of content planning and how it helps optimize an SEO campaign.

Gaps in Narrative

In any given niche, there are always areas and topics not covered well by mainstream websites. Gaps such as these represent opportunities that can be taken up by new players in the niche.

Any content plan created for an SEO campaign should address these gaps. For example, consider the top finance blogs and websites that stopped writing about chit funds. Chit funds as a topic command the interest of a significant portion of the audience. Thus, a new or existing finance blog deploying an SEO campaign should try and cover chit funds. The content plan should focus solely on chit funds. Consequently, the blog can become the center of attention in the finance niche regarding anything related to chit funds.

Scheduling Content

Some types of content do well at a certain time and other types at another. This simple concept is the reason why most blogs and articles do not reach their full potential. Some topics are naturally suited to be published and promoted within a certain time-frame.

For example, writing a blog on a different kind of lemonade is likely to do well in the peak summer months of May and June, but not as much in December and January when people prefer hot beverages more.

Use SEM Data To Improve Keyword Research

SEM data indicates the types of content people are really interested in. The reason why SEM data is much more suggestive than organic data is that people generally refrain from clicking on sponsored results. Thus, when someone does click on one, it suggests that the ad content is addressing an obvious problem other organic results are not.

Thus, content planning can be improved to a great degree if digital marketers take SEM data into account during keyword research.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways digital marketers can ramp up their content planning efforts.

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