Google Ads Promo Code Suspicious Payments In Your Account Complete Guide

Google Ads Promo Code Suspicious Payments in Your Account Complete Guide

It can be frustrating to face suspicious activity errors in the Google ads account. You will see notifications like "Can't verify the billing information," making it hard to solve this problem. Many times, it so happens that when you try to open another account, it gets suspended too. In such a situation, sending requests to solve these errors are also useless as you will find no specific reason behind the ban of your account.

If your business is largely dependent on your Google ad promo code campaigns, then it is a great setback, and you must find an immediate solution for the same. Well, worry not! In this post, let's discuss details that will help you understand the reasons behind the ban and how to solve this problem.

What Google Means By "Suspicious Payment Activity?"

When your Google account faces this error, you will get an email stating that the account is suspended due to a payment problem. The signs of these errors are messages like can't verify billing information or payment labeled as suspicious.

If Google sees suspicious activity in your account, your platform will end up getting suspended. In such a scenario, you will not be able to create new ads. However, you can log into your account and keep an eye on the reports.

The associated ads linked to the Google accounts can also be banned, or the payment manager could be suspended.

 When Do Your Google Ads Account Get Suspended For Suspicious Payment Activity?

Some certain terms and conditions need to be followed by the account holder; if these conditions are violated, your Google account will get suspended. Let me tell you that these terms and conditions are in place to create a great experience for the users. If you still do not know which kind of activities I am talking about, read below:


Google does not allow you to promote any kind of counterfeit goods or a duplicate brand, especially if it is trying to pass itself off as an original brand. Some examples of this are clones, imitations, and first copy.

        Promoting Unauthorized Pharmacies:

Google takes care of the fact that any person is not using their platform to promote products that are not authorized, especially in the case of medication. It will include targeting the locations where a person is not authorized to sell the medicines.

        Illegal Business Practices :

It is a very serious violation of the terms and conditions of Google ad accounts that is not acceptable, and that is using unfair means to lure the customers. It could lead to a permanent ban on your Google ad account. Some of the examples of illegal business practices are phishing, misstating, or hiding some important information about your service or product.

        Abusing Promo Code:

If you have got the promo code, it is for you to use; you are not allowed to sell it or use it more than once. It will be called the abuse of the Promo code, which is illegal and can lead to violations of the Promo code.

        Dynamic Landing Pages:

If any of your sites' pages redirect to other landing pages or consist of dynamic content, it will lead to an unpleasant user experience. It will lead to violation of landing page rules and may lead to banning your Google ads account.

        Repeated Violations

If you continue to violate the terms and conditions of the Google ad account despite repeated warnings, then you can face serious consequences.

But that is not all; sometimes, even the Google algorithms can also make mistakes when tracking the accounts. What is more frustrating is that they do not offer any specific reason for banning the account.

        How To Rescue The Suspended Google Ad Account?

Go through the terms and conditions section of the Google ad account. Sure, it can be a bit time-consuming but much better than having a banned account. Google is a very big firm, and there is a lot to lose on your end if dragged into legal battles caused by unethical advertisers and illegal marketing practices. So, they would cut you off if they are suspicious of your activities.

Here is what you can do:

        Contact The Google Team:

The first thing you need to do is contact the Google team if your account has been banned. You can either file an appeal or directly call them on 1-866-2-Google to speak to a representative.

Make sure that while you are speaking with the representative that you are serious about your ads. They can give you an idea about the fact why your accounts are suspended.

        Fixing Suspicious Payments Issues:

If you face account suspension due to the suspicious payment method, remove the method you are using and link it to another credit card that matches your name or account.

        Fix The Suspended Account:

Once you have talked to a Google representative, it will give you an idea about why your Google ad is suspended and provide you with tips to get the suspended account back to normal.

Once the account is fixed, you can submit it for a proper review. If all is good, the suspension of your account will be lifted.

        Contact An Expert:

If you find that your Google ads account is still suspended despite following all the methods above, you need to contact an expert. You may be banned from the Google ad account permanently after so many repeated violations.


The Google ad policies are very simple, but many people unaware or careless about policies end up landing in a lot of trouble. Be patient as there is no quick fix. Follow the above methods and solutions to ensure that there are lesser chances of Google ad accounts being banned in the future. What are you waiting for? Log in to your Google ad account today and use it without fear of any violation. Good Luck!

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