How To Add Promotional Code In Google Ads Full Detail And Settings In 2021

 How to add Promotional code in Google Ads Full detail and settings in 2021

If you have dealt with digital marketing, you must have used Google ads, and you know that it works. 


Now you must be thinking that what is the job of promotional code here? Well, it is a great marketing tactic that lures many people into purchasing the Google Ad; of course, anything that comes with a discount is music to the ears. So, as one of the leading platforms for ads, it is no surprise that it offers special promo code offers to attract customers.


If you are still confused and do not clearly understand what this Google Ad is all about and know more, you are in the right place. In this post, I will talk in detail about the Google Ad Promo code.


What is Google Ad Promo Code? 


A Google Ad promo code is computer generated code that offers amazing discount coupons on purchases of Google ads when on the way to check out. Not just that, it also offers the customers free credits that they can use in the Google Ad account.


These promotional codes are not for the advertising campaign but the account of your Google Ads. So, it is beneficial as you can get the taste of paid advertising free of cost and get a demo of how it will work before you make a move and make a big investment.

However, on the flip side, the advertisers can use this promo code only after they have made a certain amount of investment. This ensures that they have an interest in paid search advertising and are dedicated advertisers.


How Can Advertisers Get Google Ads Promo Code? 


Now, after getting to know about all these amazing benefits of the Google Ad promo code, you must be curious about where to get it. Here are some of the different ways in which you can claim your free credit.


  • Google


You can go straight to the search engine giant to redeem the offer. But also keep in mind that where you are from, that is, your location, also affects the URL you will need and how much you will get.


  • The UK Google Ad coupon is for 120 Pounds of credit.

  • Whereas, USA Google Ads coupon is $ 150 of credit.


Even though it sounds great, you must be wondering why Google offers these promo codes and what is their benefit in offering such promo codes? So, let me tell you that it is a great way to get SMEs trying out Google Ads. It is a simple but brilliant way to encourage the business to get to grips with PPC benefits.


The only catch with such kinds of promo codes is that you need a billing address in the country where you want to use this promo code. You can also claim one coupon per advertiser.


Make sure to use the promo code within 14 days, or else the coupon will expire.


  • Ask An Agency


There are some of the agencies that are Google partners, so you can also directly ask them for a promo code. You can look for such local agencies in your area and then request them a promo code. 


If you are new to the world of digital and PPC marketing, using a promo code is going to be a great way to invest in a small business. It will help you get a great head start as you will get a demo regarding how the campaign will work and whether it will be fruitful. 

For this, you can drop a message to the agency and ask them for a code. Remember one thing that they need to be Google partners; you can do so by finding an official badge for Google on the agency site. It will help you confirm whether they will be able to help you out. You will usually find it on the website’s header and footer of the website.


  • Google Dorks


Google Dorks consists of an advanced search query; it will help you get the information you cannot find through a simple Google search. In order to use Google Dork, you need to learn about a few of the Google search operators and also how to use them.


Here are a few of the terms that you should enter in your search bar in order to find your voucher:


  • intitle: “google ads credit.”

  • intitle: : “google ads coupon”

  • intitle: “google ads promo.”

  • “Google ads credit”inurl:/Pricing/


Once you make all these entries, you will be able to find the detailed search results from digital agencies, SaaS companies, and web hosts all offering coupons. If these results are offering granular searching tactics, it will dig up relevant search results for you.


Shopify can help you out. Yes, you heard that right! If you have got a subscription to Shopify, then you are very lucky. From the dashboard of Shopify, anyone can easily claim the Google ads promotional code. This is so because many users of the platform eCommerce stores and Google shopping are a brilliant way to attract customers.


All you have to do is go to the discount section on the dashboard of Shopify. You will find the promo voucher over there.


  • Terms And Conditions 


There are a few terms and conditions that you need to follow in order to use the Google Promo code. Here are they:


  • The promo is for new users only; you can’t use multiple vouchers over and over again.

  • You may also have to make an investment to use the coupon.

  • You can get a cash-back of $50, depending on where you are around the world.




That is it! You are all set to use the Promo code. Claim and use it today to get a grip of the digital marketing world to reach the target audience. Good Luck!

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