8 Important Things To Look When You Are Arranging A Corporate Picnic

Arranging A Corporate Picnic

After seeing dozens of picnics for different companies, I have learned that there are some issues that a savvy admin must address. Following are some important and yet overlooked issues that you should address before going for your corporate picnic:

1. Cost:

If you have less than $50 per person to spend for a corporate picnic then it is strongly suggested putting that money aside for creating something nicer than a picnic. Don’t forget that the sole purpose of a company picnic, or corporate event, is to make the guests feel warm and fuzzy about the organization.

However, that won't happen if you arrange a cheap barbecue with zero entertainment. A successful picnic run from $50 to $300 per person, with a majority of them averages around $60 to $110 per person.

2. Entertainment At The Event:

The foremost question is that whether you will be there with the kids? If yes, then you need extra gigs such as balloon artists and face painters.

A balloon artist entertains the kids and gives them something to play with even after the performer is done with his performance. They add colors to the event. Similarly, face painters are also proved to be kids savvy. Face painters are an honored tradition, and as long as you source a good one, your guests will feel pleased.

Does the follow-up questions arise as to how long they will stay there? Normally, the balloon artist can make one creation after every 2-5 minutes. This makes about 12 to 30 kids an hour. 15-20 children per 60 seconds is a safe bet.

Face painters normally require 5-7 minutes per kid. However, not all kids enjoy face painting. Other performers for children work well for adults and kids that you must consider are:

  • Magic shows,
  • Caricature artists,
  • Chair massage,
  • Stilt walkers,
  • Strolling jugglers,
  • Airbrush tattoo artists, and
  • Corporate Games

3. Other Elements To Arrange:

Who are the picnic attendees; i.e. your staff? What are their ethnicity, age, and education? What is the corporate culture?

Quite a few admins consider a corporate picnic a boring event so that they remain out of the way. That’s where you can bring some amazing elements to make your picnic worth it for them.

Consider inflatables: Do your guests want combative elements such as bungee run, gladiator joust, or Giant boxing? If you have guests who are team-oriented, then arrangements like Giant twister, Giant bowling, or a huge obstacle course would that be great?

As an admin, you should also consider how people will interact with each game? Will you offer prizes? Will you be able to make sure the vendor staffs while avoiding any liability issues? That can be costly but is a good idea if it is pulled off well.

4. Teens:

If you have older staff with teenagers or youthful employees, arrange a package for them. The package may include

basketball shoot out,


interactive inflatables.

5. Site Selection:

For a proper site location, you have to ask the following questions:

Do you want inflatables?

Do you want amplified music?

What else will be happening in that location that day?

What about the neighborhood?

Will they provide a refrigerator or you will need your own portable marine drawer fridge?

Do they have electricity onsite or will they allow generators?

6. Fun in The Sun:

You can't have enough fun, but you can enjoy the too much sun! Make sure the location or park you select has enough sunshine so you don't require to spend dollars on tables with umbrellas.

Visit the park beforehand at around the time, you plan on having your picnic. If your picnic is after 2+ months, then arrive at the park a little later to get an idea about shade. Also, ensure whether there are adequate tables or chairs? If not, arrange a few dozen to a few hundred chairs, tables, and linens. If the sun is at its peak you will need a working refrigerator. Thus, you must find a quality refrigerator supplier for the desired period.

7. Choosing Your Vendors:

Obtain 2-3 corporate referrals from the vendors you haven’t worked with before. You can also go for an agency that assumes the responsibility that you won't look bad if a hired performer doesn't show. There is a popular saying in the corporate business event: “A planner is only as good as their vendors.”

8. Give-Aways:

Consider using imprinted and promotional gifts at your corporate picnic. This is among the few times you will have access to your employees’ families. Through the event, you can present goodwill, and promote your company and brand loyalty. For as little as $10 per person, your guests along with their families can go from the event with a gift they will help and enjoy your business promotion!

Ending Note

I hope you find this post is informative and daunting at the same time. However, if you break down each element and log those details, you can come out like a star! Alternatively, you can seek help from a qualified event planner and make them do your job. Due to their professional vendor relationships, they can make your corporate picnic memorable.

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