Here’s How to Throw an Affordable Picnic in Your Backyard


Here’s How to Throw an Affordable Picnic in Your Backyard

With the current state of the world, we see ourselves stuck at home since it’s not safe to do outside activities. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have fun, and with restrictive activities, it’s time to have more creative ideas about what to do at home. One of these ideas is giving your backyard some purpose and throwing a picnic. It can be restricted and maybe just for the family, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as fun. A picnic is an excellent thing to do, an opportunity to be outside without really breaking any laws, and a great time to get some fresh air and sun. Not to mention that it can be a surprisingly affordable activity. Here are some ideas to throw a picnic without spending too much:

Cheap Picnic Tables

For a greater picnic experience, getting yourself an outdoor table is a way to go. This is a good investment because it not only is great for picnics but for other outdoor activities, as well. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to go over budget to find a quality table. It might not be the most detailed one, but it still has an amazing quality and endurance, and you can always decorate it as you desire – check out ThePatioPro for the most affordable ones. A table is an essential piece to any backyard and will certainly be quite beneficial. Cheap, good, and useful, there’s nothing better.

Using Your Kitchenware

A great way to save some money is using your own kitchenware, either plates, cups, or utensils. Since it’s a picnic at home, in your backyard, the chances of breaking something or losing them are smaller. This way, not only can you save some money on not having to buy disposable plates and other utensils.  but you also avoid using plastic materials, which are not that good for the environment. This not only applies to kitchenware but anything that you could use on your backyard picnic, like cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

There’s No Picnic Without Drinks!

A picnic always calls for fresh, cold, drinks and, fortunately, there are many recipes perfect for an occasion like this one. There’s no need to complicate, and in case you want a non-alcoholic drink, a good homemade lemonade is always a perfect choice. It’s good, cheap and quite easy to make. If you are looking into a more adult drink, get a bottle of sangria and add some frozen fruits to refresh it and make it even more fruity. There are inexpensive bottles selling and it will be the real prize for the picnic.

As for the Food

Since we’re talking about a picnic and no fancy dinner, there’s no need to create overly elaborated courses, and instead, go for more relaxed dishes. Get yourself some sandwiches, everyone likes them and are a portion of good food for a picnic, either the classic PB&J, or good bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Adding to that, you can get some appetizers, like hummus with tortilla chips or coleslaw salads, which are not only tasty but surprisingly healthy. Don’t forget to get some fruit, it’s fresh, tasty and a fruit salad is always a perfect dish for any picnic - it’s impossible to go wrong with fruit! There are many simple and affordable dishes for a picnic, and using things you already have at home or getting creative with classic dishes is your best option.

It’s Time to Have Fun

These times can be hard and can really affect everyone’s state of mind, so it’s really important to do things that make you feel happy and good. Having a picnic is a great way to distract yourself, have some quality fun time with the family, and enjoy the sun in the safety of your backyard. This activity can be quite affordable and easy to prepare, just be creative and have fun with it. Thank you for your time and enjoy your picnic!

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