The Ugly Truth About Joining A Student Exchange Program In 2021

The Ugly Truth About Joining A Student Exchange Program In 2021

The coronavirus has been keeping many people across the world confined in their homes to observe social distancing. Campuses have been temporarily closed and teaching moved online. Fortunately, things are slowly getting back to normal. Students can now plan for their international exchange programs thanks to affordable scholarship programs from an organization such as Rotary International.

What You Should Know About a Student Exchange Program Today

Find A Country With A Low Rate

Every country joined the battle to save mankind from the coronavirus. Responses include control methods to keep the success curve flat. The success rate is attributed to available resources, public action, and government support to lower infection and death rates.

Some countries have been very successful in tracing, testing, and quarantining to significantly lower case rates. When selecting a host country, opt for one with low cases. This reduces your chances of catching the virus however, there’s no guarantee. The rule of thumb is to adhere to health guidelines to protect yourself and others.

You Can Still Get A Visa

Regardless of the current situation, you can join a top student exchange program and get a study visa as well. Various counties now have their borders open to allow the movement of students. Government offices are open to reducing process delays for a smooth transition of students from one country to another.

Keep in mind that each country has its visa procedures and policies. So, you have to keep these in mind during your application process. Your student exchange program provider will offer you all the necessary assistance to ensure that you keep abreast of policy changes and updates regarding the pandemic. The rule of thumb is to have your visa application done before departure to lessen the chances of disappointment and delays.

Campuses Have Precautions in Place

Universities across the globe are nowresuming classes but with various precautions in place to keep the faculty, staff, and students safe. Some of these safety measures might include social distancing in lecture halls and classrooms backed by online classes. Some universities are blending online and physical study while others are completely digitized. And, these precautions are less likely to go away any time soon. College campuses are operating with safety recommendations in place for all facilities including student unions and hostels.

Take Safety Precautions

Everyone has to join forces to protect mankind from coronavirus. So, you have to adhere to safety guidelines during your travel and stay abroad during a health exchange program. You have to always wear a mask, avoid large gatherings. Exercise appropriate hand hygiene and see a medical doctor if you notice any symptoms.

When in the new world, take care to understand all safety precautions in place as well. These might include getting a temperature check before entry. It is also a good idea to keep checking your email inbox and spam folder for any updates from your student exchange program. Equally important is to always stay abreast with safety guidelines from World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Duration of A Student Exchange Program

Depending on your requirements, you have a chance to opt for a short or long stay abroad. You can join a short-stay program during summer to last or a few weeks to months. Alternatively, you can opt for a long stay program lasting a full academic year. You can join this during your gap year immediately after your high school graduation before joining university or college.

Reasonable Expectations During A High School Exchange in 2021

Things aren’t so grim regardless of the bad news everywhere. There’s still a chance to enjoy new adventures abroad during a student exchange program. You just have to find a reputable organization with various study abroad programs for students. Some of these include the youth exchange program, gap year travel, family-to-family exchange, and Rotary exchange program. The organization will customize a program to match your needs and expectations. Additionally, the organization will give you a COVID-19 safety plan to keep you safe.

With the extent of the virus making a different impact on counties across the world, you have to be mindful of your destination country. The organization will give you options for countries with low rates. Although this might limit your choice of the destination country, it ensures that you have an opportunity to go abroad without having to worry much about your safety. The organization will also give you regular updates to keep you abreast with new guidelines.

Here’s The Bottom Line

You can still join a student exchange program for a chance to spend some time abroad. Keep in mind that the choice of the country now depends on infection rates in the country. So, you have to keep an open mind and be flexible to grab any chance that comes your way to becoming an exchange student. The pandemic inspired uncertainty, but with precautions in place, you still have a chance to become an exchange student today.

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