How to Help Your Child Cope With Distance Learning


How to Help Your Child Cope With Distance Learning

Many students are facing great difficulties and challenges every day with distance learning. Taking classes from computers, laptops, or tablets limits the engagement between students and educators, affecting the learning process. While going back to physical classes remains an unsafe option with the current coronavirus outbreak, there is a lot you can do at home to help your child cope with distance learning.

5 Tips to help your child stay focused and engaged during distance learning

As parents, it’s hard to see your child struggle with online learning. To better support your child’s academic growth during the pandemic, here are 5 homeschooling tips you should follow.

Set a schedule.

If your kid has not tried homeschooling before, he or she can easily get overwhelmed when faced with a list of class activities to do on his or her own. Help your child set priorities by creating a schedule board of the different tasks and projects for every class.

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Make sure to include break times in the schedule to avoid fatigue and eyestrain from digital devices. Break times can be used to do physical activities like performing some stretches or walking the dog.

Supervise your child’s learning.

Don’t make your child feel alone in his or her online learning journey. Always keep them close and ask how they are doing in their classes; don’t wait for your child to come to you. Parents who are working from home should adjust their work time to meet their child’s class schedule. Even if you are not a trained teacher, you’ll surely do great in helping your child stay on track given the proper encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Set up a study area.

Having a dedicated study area at home will help your kids finish their class to-do lists fast and efficiently. It is not enough that you provide your child with learning materials like tablets and computers and let them take their classes on the sofa or bed. Creating a classroom environment inside your home by remodeling a spare room or setting up cubicles using dividers will bring good pressure to your kids who are taking online classes.

Reduce distractions at home.

Eliminate any visual clutter or noise that could distract your child from completing his or her schoolwork. During class days, turn off the television and keep the pets in a separate room. To keep the study area neat and organized, set cleaning rules for your kids to follow.

Set your home’s temperature to a comfortable level.

Research shows that setting the temperature to a comfortable level helps maintain focus and increases productivity. To prepare for your child’s online learning, check if your home’s air conditioning system is in good working condition. Indoor heat can bring serious discomfort and put your family’s health at risk.

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To maintain indoor comfort all year-round, call industry experts to check on your home’s air conditioning system. If your AC unit fails to cool your home during hot weather, schedule an AC repair right away. Most HVAC companies are now offering 24/7 emergency services, so you can easily get your AC unit properly functioning in no time. Book a service today!

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