Pick Out The Best Vanity Mirror To Make The Bathroom Look Magnificent

Pick Out The Best Vanity Mirror To Make The Bathroom Look Magnificent

One of the main elements that you need to include in your bathroom is a mirror. You can either install the mirror directly on the wall right above the basin or integrate it with the storage cabinet.

However, it is the vanity mirror that has become quite popular lately. These mirrors are integrated with your bathroom vanity, thus saving space. In addition, having a vanity mirror cabinet helps in making the bathroom more spacious and clutter-free.

However, choosing the right mirror for vanity is not an easy task. One needs to consider a lot of factors which we will discuss in the following sections. This article will help you choose the best vanity mirror without leaving room for any mistakes.

Deciding The Mirror Size

Deciding The Mirror Size

Your first task will be to choose the proper size of the vanity mirror cabinet to install in the bathroom. While deciding the size, certain tips will help you a lot.

  • Usually, the mirror width is either comparable to the vanity or lesser.
  • The length should be enough to reflect your face and upper torso perfectly.
  • Sizing will also depend on the place where it needs to be installed.

Choosing A Proper Mirror Shape

The next thing you need to look into is the shape of the vanity mirror. First of all, in case the vanity is placed in a narrow passage and the wall behind is narrower, using a rectangular, square, or oval mirror shape is the best option. But if your vanity is placed on a wide section, you can choose any shape that compliments the furniture perfectly.

Framed VS Frameless Mirror

Mirrors are usually framed. However, with the advancements in interior design techniques, a frameless vanity mirror has been introduced in the market and has gained a lot of popularity. Frameless mirrors are perfect for modern and contemporary-styled bathrooms. These are elegant and blend perfectly with the bathroom d├ęcor. As for the framed mirrors, they are usually ideal for rustic and traditional bathroom settings.

Number Of Mirrors To Be Installed

Even though in most bathrooms, only one vanity mirror cabinet is installed, there are certain cases where two or three slender mirrors are placed to widen the reflective surface. Such mirror combinations are perfect for en-suites and large bathrooms where the vanity placed is also quite huge since the size of the mirror should be comparable to the size of the vanity.

Choosing The Proper Frame Design

Next, you need to pick out a proper design for the mirror frame. Framed mirrors will only enhance the appeal when coupled with an attractive frame. Here are some of the ideas for frames that will help you when choosing a vanity mirror.

  • Wooden frames with natural stains and a hard surface look.
  • Steel frames with a narrow width, cast a frameless illumination
  • Vintage-styled frames with intricate details on the corners.
  • Black metal frame with straight extensions from all vertices.

Picking Out The Lighting For The Mirror

While picking the mirror design for the vanity, you need to focus on lighting. There must be either enough light around the mirror or attached to it for enhanced clarity and appeal. Here are some trends you can follow for vanity mirrors.

  • Back panel LED lighting system for frameless mirrors.
  • Bulbs integrated with the mirror's frame in case the mirror is huge.
  • Slender wall lamps on two sides of the mirror.
  • Overhanging rail lights pointing towards the mirror.

Mirror Style Choosing

The last thing you need to focus on is the style of a mirror for the vanity. For example, some mirrors are installed on the cabinet doors placed above the vanity while some are mounted directly on the wall.


Choosing the best vanity mirror cabinet is not an easy task, however, with the guide presented above, you can definitely make the best selection that will add functionality and grace to the bathroom's interiors. 

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